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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gas Companies Lobbying To Take Your Gas

In Ohio, a gas drilling company used eminent domain to drill for gas right next door to a daycare center. And now, gas industry lobbyists are working in Harrisburg to make it legal to let companies like Exxon Mobil do that here in Pennsylvania.

Tell your state representative to block gas companies from using eminent domain to drill in Pennsylvania.

Gas companies are trying to pass a new law to allow "forced pooling," which would permit those companies to seize mineral rights through eminent domain. If forced pooling were to be allowed, people from Squirrel Hill to State College to the Poconos could be forced to allow Marcellus Shale gas drilling near their property.

PennEnvironment is working to stop this proposal so that gas companies cannot drill next to or underneath your land against your wishes. However, these companies are hiring well-connected lobbyists -- including former Gov. Tom Ridge -- to help pass eminent domain policies. If it passes, this policy would be bad news for landowners who don't want to lease their underground mineral rights for Marcellus Shale gas drilling.

Contact your state legislators and tell them to oppose forced pooling this fall:


David Masur
PennEnvironment Director


You can drill where the sun dont shine, but stay the hell off my land said...

Screw the Gas Companies, who do they really help in the first place? Landowners think its great to make a little money from their mineral rights. Now look you idiots your shit is going to be stripped from you anyways, and you will not get paid for it. The prices of oil has not went down "YET" and in the future does not look like they will either.

Anonymous said...

We the people have lied down long enough and let government and corperations stomp on our rights.And our land to for that matter.Enough is enough the people have to draw there line in the sand somewhere.If our state reps won't block them from using this.Find out who they are send e-mails or spread by word of mouth to Vote Em Out or fire them now for going against the majority of people they work for.Ridge makes me wanna puke.The same guy that said in his new book that the Dept of Homeland which he ran would raise the terror alert level for no good reason to get fellow republicans whom were hard on terror elected.Talk about lieing scare tactics.Ridiculous I tell you!

Anonymous said...

Good comments all. The majority appear to be like minded. Will our elected officials represent us or the gas companies?
Governor candidate Tom Corbett has received more contributions to his campaign by far then any other candidate. I believe if Corbett is elected the gas & oil industry will have its way in Pa.
Write or email your officials & vote!

Anonymous said...

I make my living in the industry.
I am a "Drill Baby Driller"
Don't have much time for "Tree Huggers"
That said...
I am also an American and believe that eminent domain for private profit is nothing more than stealing and could get ugly in this neck of the woods.I will help defend anyones RIGHT to do what they please with what they own!
Unite and stand together,one and all on this one!
What a scary site.A Bunny Hugger and myself arm in arm.LOL

Anonymous said...

Our State elected officals are acting just like our Federal elected officals, did the majority matter to Pres. Obama while he got this joke of a health plan passed? NO

Anonymous said...

Gas companies cannot just take your mineral rights and not pay you as your first poster suggests. Just another example of someone who does not have the facts just spouting off rhetoric. Forced pooling does not allow a company to drill beneath your property and it is required the landowner be compensated.

Everyone praises NY state for their stance on the natural gas issue. If that is the case, I guess you have to praise the fact that NY has had forced pooling for years.

Like I said, learn the facts and get yourself educated before you claim the world is coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

As 10:42 stated the gas companies cannot "take" anyones minerals without compensation. Additionally the original post is very misleading on several counts. "Forced pooling" is not the same as eminenet domain. Not all gas companies are in favor of forced pooling. Of note the company named in the original post in order to incite the "common man's" anger against "Big Oil" or in theis case Big Gas, along with PGE have been actively opposing forced pooling legislation.

Anonymous said...

You are forgetting one BIG FACTOR 10:42! Forced Pooling gives them the RIGHT to SCREW up ones water supply without their permission.

Anonymous said...

FORCED pooling is just what it says.In other words...If others around you have agreed to a lease,you will be FORCED to agree to that lease and in turn FORCED to sell something YOU own,for a price YOU may not agree with,to benefit a private company.If that is not eminent domain,then it is communism!Saying this is a good thing is a little disturbing.Being FORCED to sell something that YOU OWN because someone else wants it is political abuse of eminent domain.It is the right to obtain someone elses belongings without their concent...PERIOD

Anonymous said...

Draw a picture of a doughnut. Now, write your name in the hole. Now, say YOU don't want your gas/oil/etc taken and those (the doughnut) around you do.
If it moves (gas/oil/water), it will be sucked out whether you like it or not.

Anonymous said...

AMEN 6:33 !

Anonymous said...

Yes 7:53 and if those in the doughnut mess up my hole; they’ll end up paying dearly.