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Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Puppy Mill Regs Would Leave Dogs On Wire If Corbett Agrees

Dog law revised, activists growl
Relaxation of some proposed puppy mill regulations has them biting back with billboards.

By GIL SMART, Associate Editor
Lancaster Online

It was supposed to be a great day for dogs, according to Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Russell C. Redding.

In late August a state panel approved new regulations for Pennsylvania dog breeders. Part of Act 119, the landmark dog law bill passed in 2008, the new rules would, for the first time, regulate ventilation, lighting, humidity and flooring in Pennsylvania's 111 commercial dog-breeding kennels.

"We have the highest standards for dogs raised in kennels" in the nation, Redding said. And the activists who fought so hard for the dog law, he said, should be both ecstatic and proud.

Instead, they're seething — and vowing to go to court to prevent the regulations from being implemented.

At issue is a provision that would permit pregnant or nursing dogs to be housed in cages with wire flooring, and another that would prevent some dogs from having unfettered access to an outdoor exercise area. Animal advocates say the inclusion of these provision undermines the law and will harm the dogs the legislation is supposed to protect.

Now, Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett must review the new regulations and sign off on them; Redding expects that will happen in the next few weeks, and if it does the laws would go into effect next July.

None of this will happen without a fight, activists say. More...


Anonymous said...

lets put corbett on some wire and see how he likes it...

Anonymous said...

Puppy mill regs? Are you kidding? I thought puppy mills were illegal. If not, they should be, then we don't have to worry about any regs.