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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Properties To Be Sold For Back Taxes Next Monday

Countdown To Tax Claim Bureau Upset Sale On Monday, Sept. 13

Potter County Today

gavelA concerted effort by Potter County Tax Claim Bureau (TCB) staff has led to the collection of tens of thousands of dollars in delinquent taxes and fees in recent weeks. Nevertheless, dozens of property owners who still owe their 2008 taxes face the prospect of their holdings being sold by auction on Monday, Sept. 13, during the TCB’s annual Upset Sale. It’s scheduled for 9 am at the Gunzburger Building.

Collections of overdue school district, municipal and/or county taxes are far ahead of the pace of recent years, according to TCB Director Todd Brown. As of Tuesday, there were 62 parcels in jeopardy of being sold; the figure was 129 at this time last year. In 2009, 33 properties went to the auction block and two of them sold. Bidders are warned that the county does not guarantee clear title, which makes most of the properties unappealing because of mortgages, liens and other encumbrances.

Many of the 62 owners who still owe their 2008 taxes will visit the TCB office in the Gunzburger Building to arrange for payment prior to the opening gavel on Sept. 13. Office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Wednesday through Friday.

Properties which attract no bidders will be designated for the continuance sale, a judicial sale, or for the county repository. In a judicial sale, the county sets a minimum bid in an attempt to recover outstanding taxes, while all mortgages, liens and encumbrances are wiped clean.


Anonymous said...

When is the "Political Incorrection" of the Gunzburger Annex going to be corrected? It is apalling to see the "BOYS" and "GIRLS" signs above the door on the First Street entrance. I thought we moved past that are now in an "Equality Based Society".

Anonymous said...

"Apalling"? Better get your spelling dictionary out there, whippersnapper.
I think the "Boys" and "Girls" carvings in the side of that building are very charming and certainly they are a historic record that's worth preserving. I can't imagine that anybody except maybe you would take them literally. I say keep the carvings as "they aren't making them any more!"

Anonymous said...

After the opening of the sale can a person owing money on their 2008 taxes pay the remainder of those taxes to be removed from the sale?

Anonymous said...

... only for those who can prove that the money was better spent investing in Wall Street then helping their local county by paying their taxes on time.

lol lol lol