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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Republican Candidates Drinking Gas Drilling Companies Kool Aid

GOP Lt. Gov. candidate: No severance tax for Marcellus Shale
By C.J. Marshall (STAFF WRITER)
Daily Review

TOWANDA - While stumping in Bradford County on Friday, Republican candidate for Pennsylvania lieutenant governor James Cawley re-emphasized his running mate Tom Corbett's stand against imposing a severance tax on gas drilling industries who have been tapping into the Marcellus Shale.

Cawley, a Bucks County Commissioner, was at the Bradford County Courthouse on Friday campaigning for himself and Corbett, who is the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania.

The commonwealth currently has no severance tax on natural gas operations, a fact which has been heavily discussed by the state legislature for the past several months. A movement has been afoot in Harrisburg to impose a severance tax by October, and if approved by Gov. Ed Rendell would become law before Pennsylvania's new governor would be inaugurated following the General Election in November.

Corbett has expressed his opposition to a natural gas severance tax, and Cawley elaborated on his running-mate's position during a question-and-answer session Friday at the courthouse.

"We believe a severance tax on the Marcellus Shale is basically - to use the analogy - it's killing the goose that lays the golden eggs, and then cutting the goose open and finding that there are no eggs inside," Cawley explained. "If you make the tax structure in Pennsylvania uncompetitive with the rest of the country when it comes to natural gas exploration, those natural gas drillers are going to move somewhere else." More.....


An Unhappy Republican Voter said...

Corbett & Cawley, Republican candidates for Governor & Lieut. Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have received over a half million dollars from oil & gas interests for their campaign. Their stance that Exxon-Mobil, Shell and the other giant multinational companies will pull up stakes and go drill in China is bull krap. They need to see that gas drilling is here to stay, the gas is here, not in timbucktoo. If they persist in this distorted way of thinking, they won't get the Republican votes in this family, and it's doubtful that they will get them in the rest of the gas drilling areas either. We as homeowners don't want to have to pay more taxes to support the damages that these companies will do to our roads and environment. 80% of Pennsylvanians support a severance tax. Wake up Corbett & Cawley, the drilling companies and their workers vote in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Look at the facts instead of those big campaign donations and remember who you are working for. The people still do the voting, not the drilling corporations. Change your tune or lose the election!!!
An Unhappy Republican voter.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 1:10. Knee-jerk declarations like this from candidates who have been bought off by gas industry campaign contributions make me embarrassed to be a Republican in Pennsylvania. This guy is especially arrogant and a typical spoiled, pampered condescending suburban Philadelphian.

Anonymous said...

The gas companies will consider it a cost of doing business, just like other costs they have. If they want the gas, they will do what they have to do...they will stay and drill.
I may have to reconsider my vote now :-(

Anonymous said...

Its Timbuktu

Anonymous said...

We agree with all previous posts. The gas companies who are damaging the infrastructure and the environment should pay a tax to help make things right again. If they don't pay it, the citizens of PA will end up seeing higher taxes because SOMEONE has to do the paying! And it better be the gas companies who are reaping billions of dollars from the gas....NOT ME. And yes, the GAS IS HERE! Where else are they going to go? The gas drillings have these candidates right where they want them. And all it took was a small piece of change from all the money they are NOT PAYING to fix the damage they are doing!

Anonymous said...

I love how people think everything will be all better if we tax them enough.

I hear if a towns drinking water is ruined, all you have to do is tax the people that ruined it, and it magically becomes clean and safe to drink again.

Money money money money money.

Who cares if our cancer rates fly through the roof.
People are expendable, their goose laying golden eggs isn't.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Jim Cawley needs a little help with his metaphors. Who exactly is the "goose" and what is the "golden egg"? Also, "cutting the goose open"? Is that supposed to mean drilling wells? Does he think the Marcellus Shale is somehow gonna turn barren because of a tax? If he has a drug dealer, I'd like to meet him/her.

The BS about gas companies taking their toys and going elsewhere is laughable. The Marcellus Shale is the largest mineral play in the country, if not the world, right now (and I'm not joking or being hyperbolic). Gas companies ain't going anywhere, anytime soon and a tax to help pay for the stress said play is unleashing on the communities affected is not a bad idea. It'd be nice if Cawley could step outside the GOP boilerplate and take a minute and see what is really happening, economically, in the counties located in the Marcellus play.

PS. I live in a mid-sized city not located in PA, though I am currently working the Marcellus Shale play and spend an inordinate amount of time in your beautiful neck of the woods. (You guys ain't kidding about it being "God's Country". It really is stunningly beautiful country and the folks are great.) I realize my opinion of the governors race is purely observational. But c'mon! Trillions of dollars of natural gas is going to be extracted from that rock formation exacting a heavy toll on impacted areas while providing a considerable, though not permanent, boost to the local economy. Make sure your community benefits from the boom.

Otherwise, you'll be poorer for it when we move on. . .

Though, for now, we're not going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above folks who say that the gas companies are not going to leave if we tax them. That's a joke. I don't want to pay for their damages, increased school uses, increased services costs, etc. I was a strong supporter of Corbett until I read that he is opposed to the gas tax. He has certainly lost my vote.

Anonymous said...

I agree on Corbett. And Cawley is just a spoiled brat Philadelphia punk who parrots whatever line he has been fed. These guys have lost my vote as a result of these asinine positions on this basic issue. They were provided with giant campaign contributions by the gas industry and are trying to deliver but maybe just maybe we voters will have something to say about that.

Anonymous said...

if the tucks on the roads are buying fuel they are paying into the system that was created to rebuild our roads. To bad that was looted by Philly. The Tax is just a cost of business and it will lead to faster permitting ect. It's a pay back, but it ensures that the industry won't leave the area. would you want to kill the goose if you were in office? wht could they do with all that money in harrisburg?

Anonymous said...

They can pull up and go to west va, va, ohio, or Michigan. the gas isn't just here, it's in many states. PA is the center of it all so if they want they do have the option to go.

Anonymous said...

7:37:00 AM
To answer your question:

Give the money to Fast Eddie and his crooked friends, build another building for a senator that can not decide which party he stands for, put it in the mass transit system in Pitts and Philly, to name a few!!!