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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Verizon Cell Service Still Out

Make An Emergency Plan
If your only phone service is Verizon Cell Phone, you may not have any service or only limited service. Areas served by ONLY Verizon Towers will more than likely have no service. The outage appears to be most of Western Pennsylvania.

In some areas, verizon cell phones are switching over to roaming and accessing AT& T towers. Moving to a different area may give you access to one of these towers.

If you depend on your cell phone only, to make emergency calls. Check your phone now to see if you have any service. If you don't, you may want to make an emergency plan to contact someone in case of emergency.

Service has been restored Wednesday Evening.

WTAJ-TV--JOHNSTOWN - Verizon Wireless customers Across Central Pennsylvania may be experiencing technical difficulties.

According to Verizon Wireless Spokesperson Laurie Merrit, a cut in a fiber optic cable near Johnstown has caused an outage in cell phone service. The outage primarily affects customers in Clearfield, Jefferson and Elk Counties.

Customers may experience a complete lack of cell phone service. Others may experience dropped calls or trouble connecting.


Anonymous said...

Verizon works fine in Galeton. And Verizon and AT&T work on entirely differant systems and cannot work on one another's towers

Anonymous said...

Verizon seems to be working fine on the West End of Coudersport

Anonymous said...

I didn't have it in Smethport, Kane or Sheffield today. All these areas are usually excellent.

Anonymous said...

Verizon is working fine in Wellsville and Olean.

Anonymous said...

Verizon is having a lot of problems in Pittsburgh. Anyone that lives or around Emporium is having problems. I am not sure where else besides Emporium and Pittsburgh are having problems. But that's where the problem lies.

Anonymous said...

i had no service from between Port Allegany and Coudy.

Anonymous said...

Not only that...but I recall an issue with Zito Media and not receiving emails so I thought I would share this tidbit....I had a text that was sent at 1:20PM on Saturday afternoon and didn't receive it until 6:30AM Sunday.

SmokinJoe said...

I understand people who have good cellular service the majority of time getting rid of their landlines for cost savings. However, I don't think it's completely wise to do so. Especially in emergency situations that could arise during an outage. Let's face it, how many times have you heard of Verizon losing a bunch of cell towers due to a fiber cut? Not very often but I can tell you as gas exploration and drilling moves in and north of us there may be more of it. The fact is, when the power is out and the towers are down...that old corded phone you threw in closet will work just as good as the day you put it there.