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Friday, October 22, 2010

Court Allowed Foreign Corporations To Control US Elections

Guest Editorial
Traitors in the Supreme Court Erased Our Most Precious Security

For OpEdNews: Rob Kall - Writer

It has become clear that the Citizens United Supreme Court decision went beyond free speech. It was a betrayal of American security that opened the gates to an assault on American Democracy.

It would have been easy and simple for the Supreme court to include in their decision that allowed unlimited funding of advertising by companies and organizations to forbid funds from foreign nations, individuals or entities. The SCOTUS could have blocked contributions by organizations that accepted funding. I'm no lawyer, but it could have been done.

They chose not to. They left the floodgates wide open to make it easy for wealthy sheiks, foreign corporations, even terrorists and terrorist groups to fund advertisements supporting or opposing candidates.

That decision, by five right wing extremist SCOTUS judges, it is now clear, will change the face of American politics as foreign money and the filthy lucre of billionaires, like the Koch Brothers, has tipped the balance in election after election throughout the US. Just as conservative Justices accomplished a coup by interfering with the 2000 presidential elections. Again, these traitors are again turning American justice and Democracy upside down, threatening to perhaps permanently put the USA on a downward trajectory towards third world status and oligarchic rule.

They didn't do it alone. They did it with the passivity and impotence of Democratic leaders who allowed war crimes and violations of constitutional freedoms to go un-punished, perpetrators un-tried, un-impeached.

It may not be possible to reverse the process. This election, many Republican governors and state level legislators will, after they win election, begin gerrymandering their states to make matters even worse.

That will take the next elections even further from being truly fair and democratic.

The arrogant, aggressive attack on democracy by surrogate organizations with hidden funders will not get better in the next election. It will become more aggressive, with more foreign, billionaire and corporate assault on elections.

There were limitations, restrictions, constraints in place, for the first hundred plus years of the United States. The most powerful corporations and oligopolies, like the railroads in the 1880s, the financial and energy giants now, have plotted and connived with willing politicians to harvest the promise of America's resources and future.

The germ of selfish destruction was present in the birthing of America. The five SCOTUS traitors may have cast the final blow in ending the founders' dream.


Pete Tremblay said...

Yep, you've got to watch out for us "right wingers" - after all the American people are too stupid to govern themselves - we need arrogant, self-righteous, "left wingers" to control free speech. We need someone more intelligent than us to make our decisions; regulate our lives and take away from "the rich and give to the poor" - because we're too stupid and greedy. (sarcasm by the way). get off your high-left-wing horse. The government that governs the least, governs the best. SCOTUS was right. We don't need what "left-wingers" have been doing to this country - spending us into extreme debt and regulating our lives to the place where we have lost most of our freedoms.

T L McCormick said...

Sorry to say Pete, but you missed the point entirely. Corporations are NOT individuals. They have resources individuals can never dream of. Their power to influence with vast amounts of money garnered from secret sources is an affront to a true democracy. This not a right or left wing problem. This is a problem for every freedom-loving "individual" of this great land.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kall certainly is "not a lawyer". Neither am I, but I would like someone to point out the section of the Constitution, as amended, that gives judges license to go beyond ruling on the law and delve into politically expedient rulings?

For example, where is "separation of church and state" in the Constitution? Hint: It isn't. "Amendment I: CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; ..." [emphasis added]

However, activist judges allowed the idea to progress. Now today we have the dung-headed concept of "separation" trotted out by people who want to eradicate religious notions from buildings, public forums, etc..

The same First Amendment allows Freedom of Speech to "mis-guided" individuals such as Mr. Kall to write and print notions contrary to the Constitution of this Republic. (No, this country is not a "democracy". It is a "republic. - If you're confused about the difference, do some research.)

Anonymous said...

You are so right!

Anonymous said...

What a angry democrat! " foreign money and filthy lucre of billionaires"! You left out George Soros, Hungarian born pauper that was convicted of insider trading in France. A Felony. Now finacing liberal org in the U.S.
He offered to help his mother commit suicide. outstanding man. right Kall?
Don't worry about what could happen. Worry about what "IS" happening.

Voter Fraud in N.Y.S. And the cover up!

Anonymous said...

hey look, it's another case of "I'm going to argue against the best interests of me and my community because my television told me what to think"

Anyone that thinks that corporations were intended to have the same rights and privledges as individuals understands nothing about the founding of this nation... and can't see the blatent theft of their democracy right before their eyes.

of course, many people would rather put their head in the sand and scream "la! la! la!" than face the truth.
self delusion is a powerful drug.