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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Drillers Responsible For Increase In Police Calls

All is not well;drilling raises issues

Courier Express

The Marcellus Shale industry has many positive aspects but some well workers are presenting problems for local police.

Lawrence Township police Chief Jeff Fink said he began noticing an increase in calls about six months ago.

Not all of the increase in public drunkenness and disorderly conduct incidents is attributable to the gas workers, but enough of them are to show a definite problem.

"The biggest problem is they like to go out and get drunk," Fink said. "It seems like every time we get called to a bar fight, gas well people are involved."

Fink said there have been incidents where workers have outnumbered the officers responding to the calls and the workers have gotten aggressive.

Fink said another concern is incidents of workers stalking women. The township had one case where two men were stalking a woman working at a local business. The men were detained and the woman agreed not to press charges if they agreed to leave her alone.

Another recent incident involved workers who were staying at a motel were having large quantities of drugs shipped in the mail from Michigan. More...


Anonymous said...

This is not a surprise. The Pennsylvania State Police in Mansfield increased their force size about 2 years ago and explained the reasoning as the "criminal element" that comes along with booms like were expecting in the Marcellus Shale.

If they would hire locals like they claimed they would when they were BSing folks about, then our crime rates may actually be lower as the local criminals would have something to do with their time other than crime.

Anonymous said...

Well, Here is a few big reasons on why LOCALS were not hired.1) U cant just walk out of your house and jump on these rigs 2) Pa is a different type of state that could change regulations come January. So these drilling companies are told to DRILL DRILL DRILL to make most profit before the new regime comes in to play. Which means they will not take time to hire the LOCALS. 3) I am almost 100% certain that most people who are in the EXTENDED---EXTENDED---EXTENDED benefits now do not WANT to work. They know that if the economy does not turn around and we show a huge turnaround in unemployment the govt will be just extend the benefits. So they do not want to work which means they really do not care if they get hired or not.

This coming from the most liberal-democratic person you will meet....

Anonymous said...

I predicted this was going to happen. These guys are half way across the country in an area with nothing to do when they're not working, or at least in their own minds, and it's going to get worse I'm afraid.

These types of people we don’t need. They should lose their job, and be shipped back to wherever they came from. The transients flooding this state need to know we don’t need their attitudes or their drugs.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are a million reasons why these companies aren't hiring locals, including lack of needed skills and experience.

I think the main point that needs to be heard is THE BIG SELLING POINT FOR MANY PEOPLE IN THIS AREA WAS ALL OF THE JOBS THAT THE LOCAL FOLKS WOULD BE GETTING. We all now know that is not true, many of us knew that wouldn't be true when the folks pushing for this to happen started spewing this crap.

So far, only a very, very few land owners have benefited, very, very few local businesses have benefited and our elected officials seem to have benefited the most through contributions from the gas companies.

The rest of us are paying and going to be paying for a long time to come as this mess hasn't really started in Potter yet.

My heart goes out to the firemen/first responders who are hurt or killed when they have to respond to the work site disasters that will be happening.

My heart also goes out to the business owners who built businesses around our wonderful natural resources that are going to lose their businesses because the natural enviornment we have has been destroyed so an already super wealthy company can get more money.

None of this will stop our dependance on foreign oil, apples and '57 Chevys, so please don't make that stupid argument either.

Anonymous said...

Is that you, Tom?

Anonymous said...

they also have not hired locals because:
A) there are not too many qualified local people with the correct certifications and training, so of course, the drilling companies have to bring in trained workers to do the job.. most of these workers would rather go back home to Texas (or Mexico as the case may be) , but they understand the concept of hard work, and getting the job done. Locals need to step up and participate in the training programs and get qualified so they can send these out-of-state workers back home.

B) Many people these days could never handle working 10 - 12 hour shifts seven days a week.. "they don't wanna work too hard" is one way to put it.. it isn't just around here, either.. it's like that all over. I grew up understanding the meaning of "hard work" - put in 8 - 12 - 16 hours in a single day - whatever it takes to get the job done, and be thrilled with the paycheck (even if it was just minimum wage, those overtime hours added up fast) These days I can stand back and listen to some "kid" bragging about how they put in a hard day's work at the factory by putting in 6 productive hours just standing at the assembly line in an 8-hour day and they call THAT hard work? Bah. wimps.

As for the criminal element - the rough and tumble roadhouse types - you find em everywhere.. Just that there's a lot more of that "type" around than there used to be, hence an upswing in the crimes.. even if locals are hired, many of them will probably be of the same "type" of person - go out and work at a back breaking job all day, then go to the local watering hole and blow off steam.. once they get a little loaded, that's almost always when the trouble starts.. doesn't matter if its a local or an out of stater.. not much different than it was when logging was the primary industry around here.. it's all just the "bang" you get with a "boom"

Anonymous said...

3:08:00 PM
Well this very conservative Republican agrees with you 100%!

Anonymous said...

I think you're forgetting one of the biggest unspoken reasons they don't hire local.

If you need to cut corners or there happens to be an accident and you don't want to report it and pay fines... who do you think will be more likely to keep their mouths shut?

-Someone working half a continent away from home in a place they do not know or care about

-A local person who might be worried that accident or cut corner might ruin the water table.

hmmm... i wonder who i'd want on my DRILL BABY DRILL team.

Anonymous said...

corbett will get these guys outta trouble... he owes them big favors !

Anonymous said...

Some of the oil & gas companies fund man-camps. They are a place that the guys from the rigs can come to and get a hot meal anytime of day, they can sleep, shower and use the internet. These man-camps have rules such as no drinking, drugs and no weapons. Its not right that these guys are causing trouble but I do believe that if we had more companies sponsoring these man-camps there wouldn't be as many problems. Just thought I would throw that out there, because not only do a lot of people know about these camps but a lot of the crew don't know about them either.

Anonymous said...

With a bunch of "guys" held up in camp without women, what do you think their gonna do when they get a chance to go to town and see females???