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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Governor Rendell Opens Elk Visitor's Center

Elk Country Visitor's Center eight years in the making

Reported by Katie Weidenboerner
Courier Express

BENEZETTE - Eight years in the making, the open doors to the Elk Country Visitor's Center were christened with a ribbon cutting Wednesday.

"We had some rough times. We had to pick up some pieces and put them back together," Keystone Elk Country Alliance President and CEO Rawley Cogan said at the ribbon cutting, which hosted a standing room only crowd, as well as Gov. Ed Rendell, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary John Quigley and Senior Advisor of the Wilds and former local state Rep. Dan Surra.

"We met the challenges. We put this thing put together. Period," Cogan said.
Rendell came to the area in 2003, his first year as governor, to absorb the vision of sharing the elk herd with the masses.

Rendell boasted Wednesday state grants funded approximately $6 million of the project - enough for the building and site work.

"You know, in a recession, sometimes I feel like I get blamed for every dollar that's been spent in Pennsylvania for the last 100 years," Rendell said, as he noted the figure and said he wished the state had more to give to the Wilds for increased advertisement in metropolitan regions. More...


ktstfish said...

Absolutely beautiful! There was a lot of hard work and careful planning for this vistor center. There are easy access pathways and the interior is spectacular and filled with lots of information for all age groups.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think that kind of money could have been spent someplace else or not at all!

Anonymous said...

I have visited the site during the building process and find it a legacy for future generations to appreciate and learn a few lessons of our past. Let us pray they do not make the same wildlife mistakes we have made in the past and learn to live with all the creatures we share this planet with.
This is a teaching facility which is designed to educate the public in not only the elk but the other animals which share the entire ecosystem in which the elk roams. Thanks to all those who have made this beautiful center possible..