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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Report From Natural Gas Summit

States Pulling Together For Natural Gas Delicate Balance

Potter County Today
Authored by
Potter County Commissioner
Paul Heimel

mikesmithA multi-state agency is stepping up its role in pushing for production of shale gas in an environmentally sound and economically profitable manner. Attending to that delicate balance is the primary mission of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. Mike Smith (right), IOGCC executive director, shared details of the organization’s activities to kick off Tuesday’s program at the Marcellus Shale Summit in State College.

Pennsylvania is an active member of the commission. Smith served from 2002-04 as assistant secretary of fossil energy for the U.S. Department of Energy. He was responsible for several high-priority presidential initiatives, including the Bush Administration’s development of “clean coal” technologies. He formerly served as Oklahoma Secretary of Energy.

IOGCC is supporting scientifically valid regulation of hydraulic fracturing by states. The group also supports laws requiring companies involved in hydraulic fracturing to reveal the identity and the quantity of chemicals they use in the process.

At the same time, IOGCC promotes policies that encourage continued gas and oil production across the country to maximize the economic potential and relieve U.S. dependence on foreign energy sources.

bradfieldIOGCC’s importance to states where shale gas is present was emphasized by Brad Field, director of the Division of Mineral Resources for the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. New York has called a halt to most hydraulic fracturing and Marcellus Shale gas development to allow regulators time to review the potential environmental impact. Field said IOGCC has been a valuable resource to his state during the review process. That ban will likely be lifted, Field said, but regulators in New York intend to require pre-drilling assessments, close monitoring of well site activities and continuing reviews of water management, air quality and other aspects.


Anonymous said...

Full disclosure of all chemicals used in the processing of every single well.

Anything else is a sell out.

Wyoming can do this, so too can PA then...


Anonymous said...

And when YOU have been given the full disclosure that DEP has always had,what are you going to do with this info? Write a book??? Start your own company?? Take a Chem class?? WHAT????

Anonymous said...

"And when YOU have been given the full disclosure that DEP has always had,what are you going to do with this info? Write a book??? Start your own company?? Take a Chem class?? WHAT????"

Prove 50% of the people right & 50% of the people wrong.

Anonymous said...

More like...
Yak it up at the "coffee club" while throwing out more nonsense about something you still don't understand! Unless you have a degree in chemical engineering and some serious background in drilling and fracking in a shale layer, you are still just pretending!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, bad info dude. DEP does not have full disclosure of chemicals used in every well.

They have a list of what might be used.

See how easily some are misinformed?

In Texas, a nurse almost died because the drilling company refused to disclose the chemical makeup of the hydrofracturing soup she was exposed to.

Wake up, stop being a fool and a tool. Read whay Wyoming is doing, if they can, we can.

Anonymous said...

That is correct.Any or all of these things might be used in a well.DEP has considered that all will be used.Still within safe limits.This still does not explain your need as a complete layman to be given a list for each well.
I ask again...
Of what use is this info to you or anyone else that has no ability to put it into perspective???
Just more coffee club JIBBER JABBER!
(For tomorrow morning meeting of the great minds)
No matter what they use, 99.9% is WATER

Beano said...

It isn't a matter of what they pump down into the ground, it is a matter with what "burps" back up to the surface when they are done....stuff like lead and radio active elements from 5000 feet down.

Anonymous said...

Dude????? That's funny!

Anonymous said...


A man that feels because he is too stupid to make use of information he doesn't understand... everyone must be too stupid to make use of the information he doesn't understand.


Why can't I decide what to put in my body without government intervention...
while large corporations can pollute our water supplies and food chain without impunity


Oh, I know.
Because 5:07/5:11 says we are all just too dumb.
We should just sit back and trust the corporations and their bought and paid for gov representatives have it all under control and most of all... our best interests at heart.