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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Patriot-News Endorses Sestak For Senator

Sestak for Senate: He has courage needed for independence

Patriot-News Editorial Board

If your vote for our next U.S. senator is based on the one dimensional and scare-tactic portrayals of the candidates during this campaign the choices are fairly clear.

Vote for Republican Pat Toomey if you don’t want our senator to be a lock-step liberal who sits and waits to be told what to do by the Obama administration and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Or, vote for Democrat Joe Sestak if you don’t want someone representing Pennsylvania who is tied to Wall Street and cares only about the rich and little about the struggling middle class and the poor.

On looking deeper at their credentials, however, both candidates are smart, committed, principled and much more than the shameful campaign stereotypes portrayed in TV ads.

In the end, however, Toomey and Sestak have different views on the role of government in moving our country back to prosperity, how we should or should not stay involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, what path we need to take to ensure that we once again are able and willing to do great things, and how Congress should work as an institution to make sure we don’t find ourselves on the brink of an economic depression as we did just a couple of years ago.

It is in that context we support congressman Joe Sestak as our next U.S. senator. More...


Anonymous said...

Great editorial.
Look deeper. That is the key.
I am so freakin' sick of these fake recorded phone calls and slick mail pieces from the NRA (I am a member and supporter) and Tom Ridge and Mrs. Corbett and you name it.
I am a Republican but no way I am voting for Toomey or Corbett.
Sorry but they have come right out said they want to give the gas companies a green light and free ride.
If you have a lot of money or you don't care about other people or the environment then Toomey and Corbett are your men.
If you do care about the future more than you care about money only and living for today, then take a look at what Sestak and Onorato stand for. They both disappoint me on some issues but by and large I think electing the Republicans would be a giant step backwards and would especially harm rural Pennsylvania. This is not the time for that.

Anonymous said...

Beg effin surprise that the liberal Patriot News would endorse Sestak. Sestak, more liberal than Nancy Pelosi. Gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

@2:07:00 PM "giant step backwards"??

As if Oabama, Pelosi and crue was a giant leap forward??? They are destroying our country! Enough is enough, im voting straight Republican!!!

Anonymous said...

Admiral Sestak embodies duty, honor, and country. Research this man's credentials. He should be our next U.S. Senator. BTW, I am a registered Republican, but hold little admiration for the RINOs currently in Washington.
Mike Fowler
Austin, PA

Anonymous said...

I am really conflicted concerning voting. It is important to me to vote pro life and right to bear arms.

But I believe the democrats will be more caring for the lower income workers.

I believe we are working harder than ever for less wages and benefits. I don't see the republicans being helpful in this regard.

Anonymous said...

Guess what, Im republican and im voting STRAIGHT republican. Democrats may be more for workers but it is a trickle down effect. Our company already stated our health premiums would rise due to the passage of the health care overhaul. Which as forced on us! Now, I have to foot the bill for people that could work but dont want to anyway. I know all unemployed people arent that way but a good majority are. If you dont take care of our big businesses they will not stay around to hire people for the liberals to take care of. They often forget that.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who votes straight party line is a complete fool.

Anonymous said...

The ignorance in this thread is astounding.

Of course, that's probably just me being a liberal communist elitist baby killer that wants to take away everyones guns.

Keep rooting for your teams instead of for candidates!!

It's not like you're not the complete reason politics in America has failed or anything....

"Hey I hear this Sestak guy is a stand up former Admiral"

What part of that conversation sounds a bit odd to you?

You do realize it's not making excuses when we point out Republicans got us in this boat?

Anonymous said...

Where are you people's heads. He is the most liberal candidate, along with Obama, that is running. Hey Republicans, where are your beliefts? You people must be pro death, higher taxes so the bums don't have to work, more government etc. Maybe you should become a Democratic. Wise up.

Anonymous said...

i'm a Dem but voting against anyone thats been in office... to tell you the truth none of these politician are worth the spit you cough up in the morning. it's another sad day to come but were use to them...

Anonymous said...

From 1930 to 1970, the democrats may have been better for workers. But there are two main factors which depress workers wages and benefits, the so-called free trade agreements with China and the under the table cash economy which funds illegal immigration. Both parties are guilty of supporting the trade aggreements, but at least the Republicans appear willing to do something about illegal workers.

Anonymous said...

Ya, I guess I'll ride in the back of Obama's a pigs ass I will.

Just who in the hell does he think he is talking too?

Guess he forgot we are the tax payers, he is to serve not the other way around.

Paid politicians are paid servants of the tax payers and both parties have forgotten this!

But I must add, he says the Rep's are the party of "no", well guess what, he has made it that way and now we are saying "no more"!

Listen to him speak at all of these town gatherings, he is a joke! He has driven a very large wedge between the party lines instead of doing his job of trying to bring them closer!