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Sunday, October 24, 2010

State Police Investigating Death Of Hooftallen

Police Eye Man's Death In Gaskill
Punxsutawney Spirit

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Police are investigating the death of a Gaskill Township man Wednesday. Punxsutawney-based Pennsylvania State Police said Troop C is investigating the death of Troy Hooftallen, 36, Gaskill Township.

Police said Hooftallen was transported via ambulance from the scene along Charley Hill Lane to Punxsutawney Area Hospital and then to Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, where he was pronounced dead Wednesday.

An autopsy was scheduled for Thursday to determine the cause and manner of death, police said, but the results were not likely to be available for a few weeks.


John & Karen said...

He was Tazed by Police twice and had Head Trama from being knocked to the floor and was Choked By police at the Same time. All this was done after Police were called to the scene For a Man who Overdosed on some kind of drugs. I know this from family members whom i have spoke with Personally. His Uncle who showed up to the scene even tried to pull the police off of him when he was being choked by the officer after being Tazed Not once but Twice. He was unable to move after being tazed so why did they tackle and choke him. This young man was in need of medical help not this kind of treament from the police. Nice work guys.
To Carol and the family I am so sorry for your lose and our prayers are with u all during this ordeal. His funeral was today. He is now with our Lord and savior where he will be at peace and happy. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Figures once again the police have to use excessive force. They should lose their jobs, and face murder charges.

Anonymous said...

How dare you spread such a nonsense story right now John and Karen!! Although you get your information from a "family member," who they hell are you to get something like this started??

Where their any drugs in his system??

You want to accuse Officers of being to aggressive then we have a right to be informed of the ENTIRE story right??!! Because that's what good honest folks like you do for all of us on this blog site?! Fill us in on the rumors and heartache when maybe you should shut your eyes AND YOU MOUTH and do the only thing you should right now!! Pray for his family!!

Anonymous said...

it disgusts me that you are getting rumors and half stories started like this Karen?!

we don't know what happened. drugs make us react if extreme ways.

After the police tazer you, you can move, you can continue to struggle, so if your reacting to drugs/alcohol once the tazer knocks you to the ground the police will still need to restrain you. Obvioulsy this family is grieving, and we can thank "John and Karen" for informing us of personal issues?!

Anonymous said...

It does not matter who said what, or what kind of rumors are going around. This was a case of a drug overdose as reported. Why in the hell would a cop have to tazer, and restrain a person who has taken an overdose. I have seen people going through overdoses, and one thing for sure is that they were not capable of retraining. When you take an overdose your body rejects the garbage, which in many cases shuts down vital organs, muscles, and reactions. So unless it was an overdose on Speed I do not see this individual being combative.

Anonymous said...

yeah thats a shame.. to john and karen it wasnt even your business to post what you did. maybe the family would like to have said a little something first...have a little respect and think before you speak...

Anonymous said...

To posters: 10:21 & 10:44
Who the hell do you think you both are. These people are NOT spreading rumors about this situation, Its a fact jack, It came from some one that was there and saw the whole thing. the police were not trained properly or this kid would still be alive. I don't give a rat's butt if you are cops or whatever. They screwed up. They should be held for man slaughter, but nothing will happen because this guy was on a drug at the time. So don't be telling these people they are starting rumors when its YOU that don't know what you are talking about. These cops should not be defended in this case by you. Pretty much every thing they said is true. He was tazed 3 times. Enough said. My heart goes out to his family.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, to everyone assuming they know EXACTLY what happened, its seems to me this is all hearsay!!!! Unless you have been given the autopsy report for the cause of death, I am gonna say that you do NOT know what happened. This is absolutely uncalled for. You people have no idea what our family is going thru at this time. This man was a son, a brother, a grandson, a stepfather, and wonderful friend to many people. You all need to have respect for him and our family. So unless you are his mom, brother, or girlfriend, you were not there, so everything you are saying about drug overdose, police brutality, tazering, and all the other garbage that's being said, is ALL hearsay. I do not care if you heard it from a family member or not, it is still hear-say. I am also gonna go out on a limb and say IF a family member told you anything, then they told as a friend, not for you get on here and write what they have told you. Keep your mouths shut and leave it alone. Justice will be done for Troy, and I hope you're resting peacefully now, so we can somehow get thru all this. We all love and miss you more than you will ever know. RIP Troy!!!

Unknown said...

Now that some time has passed ... can anyone here clarify whether or not a taser gun was involved in the death of Mr. Hooftallen?

peace, Villager

Anonymous said...

Well; it was definitely used on him; but the autopsy isn't back yet to say if it was one of the causes of his death or not.