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Friday, October 29, 2010

Tea Party To Meet Saturday In Coudersport

Tea Party is having a pre- election rally this Saturday from 10:00 am 'till 12:00 noon on the Courthouse Square.

Several Tea Party members from the tri-county area are going to be on hand to speak and share their view on the upcoming elections.

The Tea Party is a grassroots organization interested in getting the attention of politicians and reminding them they work for the people and they will be held accountable .

YOUR VOTE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE Come hear for yourself and make sure you VOTE.


Anonymous said...

Check out the message to the Tea Party,
Every movement that is a threat to the establishment gets infiltrated. The neoconservative Republican war machine co-opted the Tea Party movement. Controlled opposition works to divide and conquer and is a great way to monitor dissent. Go ahead and participate but be aware of being steered by some leaders who do not have the Constitution in mind. And when you vote, think about whether you want to accept electronic voting, which has been proven to be unreliable and easily manipulated. What is good for the USA? Do you want it to remain corporatist (fascist)? Are endless wars, financial support for foreign governments (Zionism), neglect of illegal immigration problems and continued civil liberty violations, rendition, torture, and a complete lack of protectionism, all while being financed by a group of international bankers (the Fed) what you want? Put America and the Constitution first. When I grew up, I felt awful for the Soviet Union, spending their way into misery over a war machine, how controlled the people were. Now, we are them. Be the change that you want to see in the world.

Anonymous said...

I am soooo glad that they are doing something here in Potter Co. I will be there. I want to hear what they are having to offer. I was at the first meeting that was held this summer and I haven't heard anything since. Thank-you

Anonymous said...

"Go ahead and participate but be aware of being steered by some leaders who do not have the Constitution in mind."

Hummm, well let me see here.

Constitution in mind, are you kidding me, Obama has ignored the constitution and the wants of the tax payers when he pushed, no wrong word, SHOVED this joke of a health care plan down our throats!

Just what is constitutional by forcing tax payers to buy health insurance and then PAY FOR THOSE THAT CHOOSE TO BE GENERATION WELFARE????

"And when you vote, think about whether you want to accept electronic voting, which has been proven to be unreliable and easily manipulated."

You are right about this, have you been watching the news for the past few days? People trying to vote for Repiblicans the Dem on the screen shows up as being checked!

Ya, just burried yourself with this one!

Maybe you like the idea of the "black panthers" pacing the sidewalks with billy clubs in hand out side of the polling booths too!?! Ya, Obama and his admistration handled this matter well now didn't they? You bet your ass if people were pacing the sidewalks wearing white bed sheets carring crosses it would have been a CRIME!!!

"neglect of illegal immigration problems and continued civil liberty violations, rendition, torture, and a complete lack of protectionism, all while being financed by a group of international bankers (the Fed) what you want?"

So you agree with Hillary Clinton and Obama on the way they choose to bully and not back Arizona?

That state is trying to protect it's tax payers and Obama wants the federal government to handle the problems of illegals, which he has not CHANGED in the 19 months that he has been in office.

Let Arizona handle their problems and quit giving these illegals more and more rights, protection and welfare!!!

We are to be a country of "give me your tired, hungry and poor SO THEY MAY HELP THEMSELVES", not come to the usa legal or illegal and we will make our hard working tax payers and business owners TAKE CARE OF YOU!

Anonymous said...

The Picture speaks for this party,THANK YOU for posting

Anonymous said...

@10:36 AMEN to ya brother/sister!

@10:46 And this picture does speak for the party...step on (walk all over) the people and the Constitution and the American people will fight back!

Anonymous said...

@10:36 am....

That joke of a health care plan passed by congress was the same plan
authored and offered up by the conservative American Enterprise Institute
and the CATO institute. As for it's constitutionality, since the federal
government covers the costs of those without insurance who seek
medical care from every state in the union, then yes,
the constitutionality of "Obamacare" would fall under the interstate
commerce clause. If you actually knew a thing or two about the constitution
then perhaps you'd understand the duty the government has to tax payers
to do what it can to contain the costs of paying for the uninsured.

Electronic voting was forced upon us by a republican congress and the atrocious
Help America Vote Act. It's an abomination. And reports of straight pary line
votes being flipped from one party to the other have been around for a decade or so.

And those two black dudes dressed in a menacing fashion in a 99% black precinct
in Philadelphia were prosecuted to the fullest extent that the law allowed under
George Bush's Department of Justice. You see, being that it was two black dudes
in an all black precinct, the justice dept couldn't actually find anyone to testify
that their right to vote was impeded. That testimony was important, you know, the law,
as it's written, actually matters. And if it were two KKK'ers in an all black precint,
they probably would have been killed.

As for illegal immigration, under the Obama administration, the number of detentions and deportations
of illegal immigrants is up by approximately 150%. As for Arizona's SB1070, there are questions
of constitutionality that do deserve to be answered in a court of law. To me, it seems
resasonable to have those questions answered. But from my perspective, Obama actually
has taken significant action on illegal immigration.

You are a typical tea partier, mad as hell but terribly, terribly misinformed.

Joe said...

I was at the gathering. It was really an American experience, people wanting to take their Government back. I will continue to support this group and will work to grow it. Be American. Be part of your Governemnt. Vote.

Anonymous said...

Dems & Reps afraid of the Tea Party because THEY CAN'T MAKE MONEY off of it.

Anonymous said...

4:12:00 PM
Save the labeling big boy, I do not belong to the tea party movement, but then again you have all the answers don't ya?

Keep right on backing Obama, you can spin it anyway you want to, it is what it is!!!

Sounds to me like you are more than willing to swallow the spoons full of garbage our Federal government keeps dishin up, go ahead swallow buddy because I am not going to.

The problem with the health care we have today is because of the interstate commerce clause, health care companies should be allowed to compete for customers no matter what state they live in. The government should fix the mess we have not make it worse.

Sounds to me like you do not mind being taxed to high heaven for the federal government to piss away.

Bet you do not care about the politicians that have not paid in the amount of money they owed on their personal income tax returns either! Oh, that is Bush's fault too!

"in Philadelphia were prosecuted to the fullest extent that the law allowed under
George Bush's Department of Justice" and you believe this garbage too? My my you are brain washed!!! It was Obama's dept. of justice not Bush's, why don't you get real man???

Border states would not be in the mess they are in IF the federal government would get a handle on the illegal's. So let them handle it, why give more and more rights to illegal's? Do you have any answers for that one?

I will give Obama credit where credit is due, he has deported more than our last president but it is still a far cry from what should be done! Too many crimes are being committed by illegal's because the federal government is not doing its job.

Anonymous said...

Take it back, yes. But take it back from whom precisely. And don't you dare try to feed me the Oh Noooeeeesssss Soshulism crap so many have been spoon fed from Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter etc, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...


I'm quite a bit more real than the nonsense your repeating. YES, they were prosecuted under Bush's department of justice. And NO..not one person could testify that their right to vote was disenfranchised. But still, there was a guilty plea.

As for tax burden, your federal tax burden is lower now than it's been in 70 years and it's the lowest of any industrialized nation.

And don't blame the interstate commerce clause for the clusterf**k of health care, blame the anti-trust exemption health insurance companies were granted.

I've been watching this government slide downhill since I left the military in 84 and it isn't tax and spend as so many brainless pundits want you to believe, it's the revolving door between congress and commerce that's ruining this country.

And the tea party branches across the country are too closely tied to the same commercial interests that gum up the works in washington.

It's right to be mad, but it's absolutely critical to be mad for the right reasons. I've been to some tea party gigs my friend, and too many of these are filled with uninformed or misinformed drones who were all asleep at the wheel as bought and paid for politicians in both parties (but all of the current crop of conservatives) sold you and I out for that lucrative campaign cash.

The blight of Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed lives on in the tea party and they can never be trusted as long as they take funding from Dick Armey's fraudulent 501c3's or the Koch brothers personal bankroll.

They do not have your interests in mind.

This is no longer Ron Paul's Tea Party. And THAT's very sad.

Anonymous said...

11:40:00 PM
Well I have watched the government slide down hill since the 60's!

Both parties have screwed the tax payers of this great nation and had smiles on their faces while doing it!

Everyone acts like social security and medicare are a given by their elected officials, i.e. federal government. That it is a service provided for them WRONG, employees and employers are the ones that have paid in all of this money. The paid servants took it upon themselves to take money OUT of these accounts to USE for other things.

The same thing will happen with Obama care, we will be taxed for the next 6 years for this brain fart, when it is to kick in guess what? The money will have been tapped into by our paid elites, it will happen...that is unless it is stopped by the voters of this great nation that did not want it to begin with. Did you not see the polls at the time, Obama did not and does not care what the people want, he has a plan and I do not like where his plan has taken us!

Have you talked wih anyone in the current medical system about Obama care? I have and guess what, doctors are not very impressed with it either. In fact one stated to me, "that's right now dump thousands of people into a broken health care system".

"blame the anti-trust exemption health insurance companies were granted."...and it was granted by whom???? Our government!!!

Anonymous said...

the Anti trust exemption was a republican deal.

Don't let them privatize social security and force congress to pay that back. Would you trust your money to anonymous wall street? After what they already did to us?

You claim tea party independence yet shout out the exact same campaign talking points as the gop leadership.

Be mad, that's good and important. Just don't be mad for false reasons. A corrupted congress is a serious problem, but I have yet to see an actual rational tea party candidate running on pragmatic policy positions.

And if you think the money coming in from the Koch brother's Americans for Prosperity group or Dick Armey's Freedomworks isn't a corrupting influence then you're ignoring these peoples already significant influence in Washington DC. The tea party hasn't been grass roots since these corrupting influences stole it from Dr Ron Paul.

Turning government over to private enterprise is not a logical answer.
Forcing government to serve the people makes so much more sense. After all, government wasn't always the evil entity you perceive it to be. Our government only became evil after corporate influence took over.

Anonymous said...

"the Anti trust exemption was a republican deal."

I have said it before and I will say it again, I am not pointing fingers at one party or the other I am pointing fingers at BOTH PARTIES that have put us in this mess!!!!

I do not care which party started the anti trust exemption, it is wrong and should be removed, PERIOD!

Health insurance companies have been allowed to corner the market in our state (Blue Cross) and rape the people via raising premiums. If they had to compete for our business like the other industries do this would not happen as frequently. Imagine my surprise that while in a group my monthly premium for 2 adults and 1 child was 1189.00 A MONTH! Now out of the group because the insurance company dropped us, our monthly premium was 404.00 (apples to apples) and since the child is now in college we had to buy a separate policy for 104.00 a month. A far cry from what they were charging us in a group now isn't it?

Oh and let me not forget the month my spouse turned 50, the premium went up 50.00, now it is 454.00. Need I say more? We are all healthy, no monthly prescriptions what so ever. I'd say they are making quit a wad off of us and have for over 30 years now!

"Don't let them privatize social security and force congress to pay that back."

I do not want it to be privatized, BUT I DO WANT IT PAID BACK!!! Maybe Obama should have printed money to pay it back instead of bailing out wall street...

"Be mad, that's good and important. Just don't be mad for false reasons."

I am not mad for false reasons, I am not a tea party member. I am mad because it does not matter which party it is, right is right and wrong is wrong, period. I am a registered republican but I do not vote straight ticket and never have. I vote for the person I feel will do the best job for tax payers, small business owners, and smaller government Federal and State.