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Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Tom Corbett is in the pocket of Big Oil and Gas," Mr. Onorato claimed.

Candidates spar over gas industry contributions
Saturday, October 02, 2010

HARRISBURG -- With the gubernatorial election just a month away, Democrat Dan Onorato and Republican Tom Corbett are increasing the shrillness of their attacks on each other's campaign contributions.

Mr. Onorato, in a statewide conference call with reporters Friday, said that as of the latest campaign finance reports, his opponent has accepted more than $900,000 in donations from the gas industry.

"Tom Corbett is in the pocket of Big Oil and Gas," Mr. Onorato claimed. "He will defend their profits and not do anything for taxpayers." More...


Anonymous said...

Tom Corbett has done a good job as AG. He will do well as Governor.

Anonymous said...

I personally get tired of listening to his new ad on the radio every hour! He will lose this election because of his refusal to go with a gas severence tax. He claims if we tax his buddies(contributors), the money will go to Harrisburg & we'll never see it again! What a crock! He also claims we must put the enviroment first and require drillers to have good insurance or face prosecution!? Duh! That's a no brainer regardless of who the operators are. Penna. needs to put a small percentage tax on the billions to be made! Otherwise the taxpayers again; will be stuck with the bills to fix roads,add infrastructure, etc. for the pocket lining of a few companies! Plus by the time their done you will have no good water left up there. Like the ol Fram oil filter commercials used to say "you can pay me now or you can pay me later!" Onorato for governor!! Brad Jones

Anonymous said...

I am a Strong republican but I do not see me casting my vote for Tom Corbett...UNLESS he wakes up to what we the voters of the commonwealth want.

I am all for the gas extraction BUT NOT AT THE TAX PAYING CITIZENS OF THIS GREAT STATES EXPENSE, and that is exactly what is happening and will continue to happen. They need to be regulated more stringently to make sure the citizens have safe water and safe roads to travel on. What other industry in this state is ALLOWED to cause such a mess? How about NONE! I say make them rebuild each and every secondary road they are using with their nonstop over weight truck travel. Our roads in this area have no road base for this type of heavy truck travel and we all know it!

A tax does need to be imposed and the lions share of the tax needs to go to the county and township/boro of the extraction, NOT IN THE GENERAL FUND FOR THE PAID POLOTICIANS TO CONTINUE TO OVER SPEND!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the gas industry does own Corbett and many prominent Republicans politicians who represent our area. As a Republican, I find this to be disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Gee and everyone was all hyped up a few weeks ago, when Tom "I got $900,000 in my back pocket from the gas industry" Corbett graced our very streets.

I guess we weren't all that special.

It is fascinating to watch the machine the gas industry has rolled out in Pa, from the hiring of tom thumb, a lobby group dressed up as a hyper concerned coalition which seems to be everywhere, the carefully chosen words and the laser pinpointed donations to the hacks, and the nesessary unending informercials on radio.

kinda makes you wonder whos in charge....

Anonymous said...

corbett was bought.... That`s the true spin. His commercials on the radio are laughable... Im crossing party lines on this one.

Anonymous said...

ALL politicians are bought. WAKE UP PEOPLE! They will promnise ANYTHING just to get elected. The money from the gas industry will line EVERYBODY'S pocket in Harrisburg. And there is NOTHING you or I can do about it. You can't trust ANY of them.

Anonymous said...

Sad part is Corbett did appear to do a good job fighting perverts & corruption until the gas company came along! Good luck Tom, but you were a little too obvious on this one!