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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unstoppable Was Inspired By Actual Runaway Train In 2001

Marysville man was inspiration for runaway train movie 'Unstoppable'

DAVID N. DUNKLE, The Patriot-News

Marysville resident Jon Hosfeld has something in common with superstar actor Denzel Washington. Both have stopped a runaway train. The difference is, Hosfeld did it for real nine years ago in Ohio, while Washington does it Hollywood style in his new adventure film “Unstoppable,” which was inspired by Hosfeld’s true adventure.

The film, directed by Tony Scott, opens nationwide on Nov. 12. Some of the train sequences were filmed on Pennsylvania railroad tracks, and Hosfeld spent a week consulting with filmmakers about the actual event. “It was very important to me that they get it right,” he said. More...


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for this movie to come out.The previews look awesome!I bet the Carmike Cinemas in Olean will be packed for every show the first couple weeks!I hope it comes to coudy in a couple months also so I can attend both.I was in Emporium and watched the final huge explosion by the tracks and it rocked big time!Literally rocked my car back and forth from the percussion!

Anonymous said...

We are excited to see this movie. Our grandson was on of the 4th graders from O-E elementary. So it is a little close to our hearts to hopefully get a glimpse of our grandson in a movie.