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Friday, October 8, 2010

Vice President Joseph Biden Visits PSU

Dear Editor,

My name is Kristen Hayman and I am 19 year old resident from Bingham Center, PA. I am also a current student at the Pennsylvania State University.

On September 28th, the Vice President of the United States, Joseph Biden visited the HUB-Robeson Center on the University Park Campus to hold a rally to increase voter enthusiasm. Without a doubt, this visitation can be contributed to the fast approaching mid-term elections and the tight United States Senate race between Democrat Joseph Sestak and Republican Patrick Toomey right here in the state of Pennsylvania.

Attached are photographs that I was able to procure at the event. I do hope you can integrate these images into your news blog. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kristen Hayman

Thanks For Sharing--Jim


Anonymous said...

Go back to washington... pickup your buddy and head home please.

Anonymous said...

12:57:00 AM
I agree with you!!!

Wonder what words of wisdom this yeha had to offer to the students?! More of the "yes we can" crap.

They sure can triple the debt, they sure can spread the wealth to insurance companies, banks, wall street...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures, Kris. Glad you got the experience of seeing our vice-president.

Anonymous said...

Just a BIG LIBERAL who belongs with Obama. Can not wait for the elections. WE must take out country back!

Anonymous said...

Take it back and do what with it??? Give it to big business and the Chinese???

What? said...

12:50:00 PM
What kind of question is that?

They are exactly who we will be taking our country BACK from, ya know the ones the big liberals have handed it to, and on a platter to boot........

Anonymous said...

Ppl,Ppl,Ppl,You still aren't getting it ! Any trouble this great country is in, still comes from 8 year's of Bush! Rome was not built in a day. Poor Barrack & Joe sure have their hands full. Give them a break.

Anonymous said...

7:05:00 PM
Just keep telling yourself that....

Anonymous said...

10:39, I will when I head to the ballot box and vote to keep those that want the future in the hands of people, not the hands of big business - i.e. Democratic Candidates!!!

Mr Realistic said...

yeah....those democrats have really done a lot for the people this past 2 years haven't they. Let's see...they used billions of our dollars to bail out....crdit card companies...big banks.......doesn't sound like much of a future to me. By the way...the financial trouble didn't start with Bush...he didn't help it and neither has Obama, but it started a lot farther back. In my humble opinion it is the fault of both parties for the state of our country. The solution is to abolish political parties and make them all behave like Americans so there is no way to point the finger at the other party and lay blame.

Anonymous said...

How do you expect the Obama administration to fix in two years what it took the Bush administration eight years to create?

Anonymous said...

11:27:00 PM
Hmmm, well it looks to me like the ones in charge i.e. Democratic want to BE BIG BUSINESS, with their hand in everything and controlling everything and here are just a few:

Student Loans (raising the previous lower rates offered to college kids)

Health Insurance (allowing companies to continue to raise their monthly rates, not insure pre ext.)

Fanny Mae & Freddy Mack (bail them out then not crack down on their lending practices) but add additional regulations to banks that did not get bail out money so it is harder for their customers to continue to do business there.

Credit card companies with the new regulations can and do now raise rates to customers that have built up good credit because of the non payers the dems are protecting.

So you go right ahead and vote for the Dem's I will be voting for a party that wants a SMALLER government with less dictatorship!!

Least I remind you of the 89 Million dollars worth of stimulus checks the Dems sent out to DEAD PEOPLE AND PEOPLE IN PRISON??? Ya, keep cheering them on......I think that amount of money would really help out the broke social security account!

Anonymous said...

January 3rd, 2007 was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress: Remember this when you feel like being a Bush basher.The rest is history.