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Friday, October 1, 2010

World's Largest Tannery Gets Marker

New Marker Placed At Site Of World’s Largest Leather Tannery

tannerysignE. O. Austin Historical Society has installed another historical marker, this one at the site of what was once the biggest leather tannery in the world, located in the southern Potter County village of Costello. Property owners Larry and Joanie Tilburg were proud to have the site recognized. The only remnant of the tannery is a section of its stone foundation.

Earlier this year, the E. O. Austin Historical Society erected a marker at the site of the Bayless Pulp and Paper Mill, off Rt. 872, between Austin and the ruins of a dam that the Bayless company built in 1910-11 to impound water to operate its plant. Additional markers are planned for significant sites in the coming months.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Twenty or twenty five years ago when we were mischevious little kids.We used to play down the flat where the tannery remnants are located.Walking on top of the stone walls and playing hide n seek in and around the few old stone walls that still stood at that time.They were pretty brittle then.And one day one of my friends found out that it was pretty fun for a few kids to get together and push one of the walls over.Makes me sad that at the time being an eight or nine year old we didn't understand history let alone respect it.Would it still be standing today?Highly unlikely I think.Although when I saw this happening I do remember a feeling that it wasn't right and told the culprits to knock it off when they tried to push down another.Thank you to the E.O. Austin historical society for placing this marker to educate visitors and to teach future generations of little mischevious Costellons the historical importance of this location.