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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program Now Open

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program Now Open

liheapPennsylvania’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is now accepting applications for cash grants. The program helps qualifying people to pay their heating bills. Grants are based on household income, family size, type of heating fuel and region. Separate grants are provided in the event of a heating emergency. To qualify for a cash grant, annual income limits are: one-person household, $17,328; two-person, $23,312; three-person, $29,296; four-person, $35,280.

Those interested in applying for LIHEAP should contact the county assistance office to make an appointment. Telephone number is 274-4900 in Potter County. The following information will be required: names, dates of birth and social security numbers of all household members; proof of all income in the household; a copy of a recent heating bill. More information on LIHEAP is available at a toll-free phone number, 1-866-857-7095.


Anonymous said...

its is allways the ones that dont
need it is the one"s that always get it
but the ones that need it dont get the HELP..because the other one"s
lie about there income!

Anonymous said...

we pay taxes so their kids can go to school ..hang out on the square ..start fights which we pay for the lawyer...they collect fundings for heating and electric which they leave their windows open in the winter and light the houses up (which we pay for) for stamps for them to eat ..give a car and pay their babysitting...etc about just getting them a job so i get a break ..not to mention the fabulous tax credits $7000.00 just for abusing the system someone needs to WAKE-UP.. this is out of control..........

Anonymous said...

usetta be when you graduated you were on your you have as many kids as you can to stay on the books ..get a home furnished to you..and laff on the weekends while others are busting their health working

Anonymous said...

this should be for elderly that really need the help....those that worked hard and suffered the time to make their retirement days better survived

Anonymous said...

Or know the system and keep their income just low enough to qualify.

Like having child after child they can not afford to raise on their own, they know it and do it at the tax payers expense...does it ever end?????

The ones that bust their butts for min. wage work 40 to 45 hours a week, both adults in the house hold make too much to qualify.

These programs should be for the ones willing to work to help themselves.

A.B. said...

I cant argue with any of you, programs like this and many other are being abused and I see it everyday... I for one can say there was a time not to long ago I needed help and went to the assistance office, they were telling me they could help with my utilities, car repair, food even get my clothes for interviews and for a new job... I was excited at the time as we needed all the help we could get losing employment so suddenly.

well I just so happened to find a job on my own an not in thier job program. As soon as I started working they could no longer help me, I had to find a ride to work until I got paid to get my car on the road and Open an account at a local grocery store until I got my first check so I could feed my family.

I didnt mind doing these things at all, I dont expect anything to just be handed to me it never has been. However the fact that someone was going to help us was a godsend until I told them I was working. They could no longer do anything for me, I didnt understand how one could get all these things given to them when they dont have employment and as soon as a job is gotten well sorry you can wait til you get your checks we dont help you if your actually employed.

I still have no words for this but getting my job which I am proud of working was the worse thing I did at the time I suppose. Pathetic

Anonymous said...

8:01:00 PM
Your post is exactly what I have been saying for years, those willing to help themselves get no help when they need it the most.

You were not looking for a hand out but a hand up during some rought times in your life.

That is what these programs started out doing but then it went to hell in a hand bag!

But then again if the state does not have enough people in their system of welfare I guess there would not be enough work for their employees!

What a waste of tax payers money!

Good for you, glad you found a job, just wish you could have received some help when you needed it most!

Anonymous said...

If you have one child with out being married is a mistake 2,3,4 no! They get free birth control. After one child cut them off welfare. I bet there there would be no more children until they got off welfare Insteadthey tell them to keep a child under 5 and they can stay on the system Something wrong with this picture. Then don't get married just sleep with him so they both can get on the system. Us working people are the stupid ones.There should be alot less welfare. McDonalds are hiring Truck lite Costas Jubilee Emperion.I think the ones on welfare should be the ones to pick up trash along the side of the roads Clean up the parks etc. There are many commuity jobs that could be done by these people.

Anonymous said...

I agree, or at least community service to make up for the $$ that was worked for that they are getting until they find a job. I bet that would make them want to get a paying job faster. I have to say its sad what things have come to, I am not saying ive never had help I have but it was at a time that I needed it. Ive worked my whole life well sense I was 16 and I dont understand how someone can sit around and do nothing and get everything and feel good about it. If you ask me, I feel better when I get a paycheck that ive worked for its a sense of pride I suppose which way to many people do not have... Of course I dont know why I should be suprised IVe seen people get disability for a drug addiction....

Anonymous said...

I agree,i worked every day but
now i am layed off getting
Unemployment trying to find another job.i pay in taxes
but still cant get help
i worked for 12 years
they told me i make $90 to much
how does that pay the rent ELC.GAS
and food.i even tryed for hud and food stamp.i gess i need 4 to 6 kids.just to live off the walfare
but thats not me.i like to work
get to ones off WALFARE get there fat ass out of there home.and let the ones that worked and give them the help.the workers need it more
we paid in to the walfare line

Anonymous said...

im very glad to know that when you need "help to help you" get to where you need to be ...its a proud feeling ...this is not to belittle those of you that the help REALLY HELPED by far .....this is to those that really do not have any planS on WORKING FOR A LIVING.... and what is worst of all is when you do get some sortta job and need just a tad-bit of help they cut you off...thats the sad part ... they would rather you not work at all and pay you to stay home .....