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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rendell Kills Castle Doctrine Bill

Rendell vetoes self-defense bill

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - Gov. Ed Rendell on Saturday vetoed legislation that would have broadened the self-defense rights of gun owners, saying it would have threatened – not enhanced – the public safety of Pennsylvania citizens.

The so-called "Castle Doctrine" would have removed the "duty of retreat" in current law, and would have allowed a person to use deadly force outside of their home or in their car in certain circumstances. It would have also offered immunity against civil lawsuits to those who used deadly force against an intruder or attacker.

"I support the state's existing Castle Doctrine – which enables Pennsylvanians to protect themselves in their homes; however, I have grave concerns with the expansion included in this legislation," Rendell said in a statement. "We should have the right to protect the sanctity of our homes at all times. This legislation has nothing to do with the right to protect one's home, but seeks to expand the Castle Doctrine to outside the home." More...


Anonymous said...

Yeah sure thats exactly why when the Castle doctrine was passed in Florida their robberies and carjacking dropped by 50%

Anonymous said...

yep, law or no law I am protecting my family on MY terms, not an assailants. Ill go to jail before me or my family dies or is injured because I didnt "retreat." Wait till Corbett is in there and then a real governor will take care of the good people of Pennsylvania

Anonymous said...

I am so glad this guy is out of office. That makes a lot of sense Ed. Wouldn't want citizens being able to defend themselves in their cars or out of home. If someone shoves a gun between my wifes eyes while im stopped at a light what am i supposed to do call 911. I mean you may get shot anyway before you get your gun but at least you would know you have the legal right to do it. I can understand not shooting someone who is just threating to beat you up, but if they are holding a gun or attempting to shoot you im sorry, but i find it hard to believe the governor would do nothing if he was legal to carry a handgun and had one by him. This is an absolutely absurd law and it needs to go. I am so glad voters this year made the statement they did. God bless the USA

Anonymous said...

remember, if a cop thinks the air smells like danger he can shoot to kill in the name of self defense and no one will question it (or if they do, they will be ignored. he was a hero!)

if a citizen does the same.... well let's just say you better have an air tight case and all the evidence in the world or you are going to jail for a long long long long time.

the expanded castle doctrine was completely contrary to the political momentum we've had of moving towards a police state (started in the 60's/70's and pursued with bipartisan support ever since)

this has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with maintaining a complete and unquestionable monopoly on use of force.

Anonymous said...

Just makes it legal for crooks to steal and attack you outside the home.

Anonymous said...
Goodbye Rendell. Hopefully, this can be re-addressed by Tom Corbett.

Anonymous said... government will change everything!

Mr Sarcastic said...

What would be really funny is having Rendell get car jacked and then ask him how he feels about the bill.

Anonymous said...

yes rendel thinks if you kill someone trying to rob or kill you it might one less democrat vote.