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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Senate Rupublicans Nominate Scarnati To Lead Senate For Third Term

Scarnati Nominated as President Pro Tem

HARRISBURG -- Senate Republicans today elected their leadership team for the 2011-12 legislative session.

Senator Joe Scarnati (R-25) has been nominated once again to serve as President Pro Tempore. The full Senate will vote on Scarnati's nomination when it reconvenes on January 4. As President Pro Tempore, he will be responsible for appointing the chairpersons and members of the standing committees of the Senate. He will also play a significant role in negotiations with the Administration and House of Representatives.

A native of Brockway in Jefferson County, Scarnati was elected to the State Senate in 2000. A graduate of the Pennsylvania State University at DuBois, the Senator was a third-generation small business owner and served in local government.

"I am honored and humbled by the support of my colleagues in electing me President Pro Tempore of the Senate to a third term," Scarnati said. "Working with the basic premise of less taxes and less regulation, promoted by the Senate Republican Caucus, has given the Commonwealth a solid foundation moving forward." More at 1490 NewsBlog.....


Anonymous said...

The people of Pennsylvania lose again!

Anonymous said...

Rendell consistently kicked the Republican butts year after year. With Rendell gone in the near future, maybe Pennsylvania can return to a fiscally prudent Commonwealth.
Mike Fowler
Austin, PA

Anonymous said...

Yep, fiscally prudent and environmentally dead.

Long live big business and their lackies, the Republicians.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... like we didn't have budget problems under Ridge.

In PA, the election season was all about Gas money.

Namely, that it stays in the profit margins of the gas companies and not being WASTED by being held accountable for environmental impact (in a meaningful way!) or having to actually invest in the environmental well being of the areas they are raping.

Where we are right now, if you were a gas company and not a person, you might as well dump your used motor oil in your front yard.
-It's cheaper than hauling somewhere to dispose of properly

-You don't actually have to disclose to anyone what it is you're dumping in the ground!! (how convinient)

-and even if you did and got fined, for a man making $50k/year the proportional fine would be like 50cents.

Of course most would rather vote against their own best interests and see scorched earth in P.C. than some socialist communist democratic candidate get elected.

Anonymous said...

Big Business and Rich owners create much needed jobs, Higher taxes and bigger Government do not. Thank God for some republicans. Hugging trees doesn't do anything for the economy.

Anonymous said...

With no environment,there's no economy.