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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Coudersport High School Student To Build Ice Skating Rink

L.C. Whitford Project Manager, Kenny Porter, presents a check to Holden Ottolini of Coudersport while Coudersport , Mayor "Wick" Furman and Councilman Ron Angood look on.

Coudersport Area high school student, Holden Ottolini, had told his mother last summer that he would like to build an ice skating rink in town to give local kids a place to go and have fun.

Holdon attended a council meeting and told the Borough Council of his intentions to build an ice skating rink. The council told Holden that there had been an ice skating rinks in the past and that they had no problem with him trying to find a location for the rink on Borough property.

Following the meeting Mayor Furman and Lou Karija commented on how well Holden presented himself with the mayor adding how impressed he was with Holden's enthusiasm. They both agreed to help Holden with the project. Together Furman and Karija looked at locations; lighting, parking, noise,security etc.. It was agreed that the area next to the police station and behind McDonalds was the perfect fit.

When Kenny Porter from L.C. Whitford heard of the project, he stated his company is very community minded and would probably like to support such a wonderful project. Ken went online and found an ice skating rink liner and brought the information and a check to pay for the liner plus the shipping to Coudersport last week during a recent progress meeting on the 4th and 7th street bridge. Porter congratulated Ottolini on his project and wished him luck.

Holden has since ordered the liner and it should be here next week at which time work will begin to create a positive place for the young and young at heart to gather and have fun at the beautiful borough building and arboretum.

Anyone wishing to help should contact Holden Ottolini on his cell. Number 1-(570) 394-8476.


Vicki said...

Great job Holden, usta love to ice skate on the lake in Galeton with my friends when I was in Jr. High school.

Have lots of good memories of those simpler days.

Hope you get your project completed and enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Just flood the tennis courts at CARP - that's a quick fix. Also, it's easy to flood an area and watch eater freeze. However, are our tax dollars going to be spent maintaining this ice surface? Shoveling and maintaining a flat surface is the hard part. Also, what are the insurance underwriter's saying about the cost of this additional liability?

Anonymous said...

Young man you are to be admired and applauded.
Our commissioners,boro council and other voted representatives should take a few pointers from you.

Anonymous said...

wonderful idea!! When I was growing up in Coudersport back in the 60's, the courthouse square (rear lot) was flooded every winter for ice-skating. We had a ball!!!

Anonymous said...

Two wonderful things here. Both the skating rink & Holden.

ashleprince said...

Holden You are a really great Person with Lots of potential. I knew that when I first started babysitting you when you and I were younger. You had so many dreams, and you have worked hard for those dreams. Congratulations on for-filling yet another one. My husband and son and I will be coming to this rink for some family fun. Thank you.
love, an Old friend, Ashley Potter Prince

Anonymous said...

This is incredibly uplifting news
for Potter County. We all need good wholesome fun and the comraderie of a rink. Bravo.
Count us in.

Really??? said...

1:38:00 AM

Shame on YOU!!

All ways has to be one on here making remarks like yours each and every time someone or something good happens in our communities!!!

Probable the insurance company has the same to say about the skating ring as it does the swimming pool in your town...

Tis the season, please think before you dampen a young persons GOOD he is doing for YOUR community, after all YOU didn't!!

For all YOU know he is planning on doing "rink fund raising" to help with any extra cost so YOU a tax payer will not be paying for it.

So much for people on here saying "I wish there was something to keep the young people busy and out of trouble", YOU were probable one of those too!!

YOU have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great; I hope Port A. does theirs this year.

Anonymous said...

two thumbs up many times over!!!

there is a lot of FREE help right in downtown Coudersport (aka the Potter County jail)

insurance liability? ok poster ... do YOU have liability insurance on your property? (if you rent, does your landlord)

Anonymous said...

1:38 is right - what about insurance costs? The rink is great - but it is an added risk that the town takes on - especially since the rink will be on town property. Accidents happen on ice. God forbid someone breaks his head open, breaks a neck, or dies (it happens on ice) - you can bet the town will be sued. This risk is above and beyond current liabilities. I think it's a fair question to ask - is the town covered by insurance and did it ask it's insurance company about this added risk (and probable added cost)?

Anonymous said...

3:00:00 PM

Why do you think the risk is any higher for a rink than a pool?

The pool is on town property isn't it?

In the pool someone could break his head open, break a neck, or die
after all the inground pool is made of cement isn't it?

People fall on wet cement all the time don't they? You can bet the town will be sued over this too won't they?

Do you know how much the inground pool costs the town as far as liability insurance??? If you don't why haven't you asked? After all IT IS ALL READY THERE ISN'T IT???

Anonymous said...

How many people have liability insurance? Are you covered if someone falls on your property? Are you covered if a hunter is out on your farm/woods and a limb falls on him? Are you covered if your meter reader is bitten by a dog whether it be yours or a stray?

Anonymous said...

More people do have and must buy liability insurance than you know. But that is not the point, the point is this young man has done something good for this community and too many all ways bitch instead of seeing the good in things.

Anonymous said...

Of course we have liability insurance.What responsible one doesn't?

Anonymous said...

Quit being negative about this great idea. It's about time somebody had the gumption to try and improve our town. The "nothingness" of things to do for our young people has been overwhelming for far too long. YOU GO with this skating rink project. This is the best news in a long time.