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Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Information On Roulette Township Recycling Program

Roulette Township Details Recycling Program
Begins January 3, 2011

Please find below a document that goes into a little more detail on what can and cannot be recycled through the program here at the township office beginning 01/03/2011. It also explains why we cannot currently accept #3 plastic and what is classified as #3 plastic.

There are links at the bottom that will help go into even further details regarding the recycling process if anyone is interested.

There will be a short DVD available to be watched at the library that explains the Zero-Sort program and how the sorting facility works if anyone wishes to see that as well. The Roulette Township recycling program is available to all residents and small businesses in Roulette Township that wish to participate.

All foreign material must be rinsed from all plastic and glass containers (such as food and drink residual). We ask that plastic bottles be crushed and the lids placed back on them to help cut down on wasted container space. We also ask that as many cans as possible be crushed as well for the same reason.

Once a paper product such as paper plates, pizza boxes, etc… has been contaminated with grease, or other non-removable foreign materials, it is considered garbage and also is non-recyclable. The same goes for wax coated paper products, such as those that are used for packaging fruits and vegetables.

All recyclable materials must be brought in a reusable or recyclable container. Plastic bags are NOT recyclable. Items can be brought in a clear plastic bag, but the bag will be dumped here and the customer will have to take the bag back for re-use or disposal at their discretion.

The exception to this bag rule is for shredded papers. If you shred your documents and plan to bring them for recycling, they can be dropped off in a clear plastic bag without having to dump the bag. In fact we recommend this to help reduce the potential for loose paper waste being spilled here or in transit to the sorting facility.

On a similar note, we are currently looking into alternate ways to dispose of our solid waste from the wastewater treatment plant that are more ecologically friendly than dumping the dried solids in the landfill. This project may take a little time to orchestrate, but it is our intention to have something in place and functional by the end of 2011.

Two of the proposed ideas are to convert the existing drying beds to reed beds. These reeds actually consume a large portion of the solid waste and not only lower the amount of solids that have to be hauled to the landfill, but they also would greatly reduce the number of man hours required to empty the beds several times per year, as well as hauling and landfill costs & the use of fossil fuels to accommodate the removal.

Another prospect is the land application of liquid sludge which not only reduces costs, but it also completely eliminates the necessity for use of the landfill and is a natural alternative to the use of chemical fertilizers for farmers. It may even be necessary to use a combination of both of these ideas to fully facilitate the removal of digested solids from the system.

If you, or anyone else has any ideas of how we as a township, or as a community, we can help protect our environment and get a little greener, please submit them and we will be happy to research and review what we can do to help.


Jonathan E. Huff
Secretary / Treasurer

Roulette Township
80 Railroad Ave.
PO Box 253
Roulette, PA 16746-0253



Anonymous said...

"On a similar note, we are currently looking into alternate ways to dispose of our solid waste from the wastewater treatment plant that are more ecologically friendly"

I belive that dickison eveiomental out of bath,ny takes all of knoxvilles and uses it.

Anonymous said...

wtg on helping roulette recycle! thank you for your efforts!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see these programs manditory rather than just optional. Also since you can not take the #3 plastic, per what I have read on the PA DEP website, that also makes it illegal to burn in a burn barrel. A manditory trash and recycling program would eliminate those issues.

Anonymous said...

some foreign countries actually uses human waste to fertilize their crops.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Roulette has decided to do this. I certainly hope that people don't screw it up like they did over at the Human Service building a few years ago. It really helps to able to have this service available to us. I'm tired of taking ours to Allegany.N.Y.
Is this going to be at the township building and what are the hours ? Thank you again.
PS and as for those pain in the butt plastic bags- perhaps consumers should use those reusable bags that almost every store offers. Most of them are only a buck and you use them forever, when you wear them out they are recyclable too.

Jonathan Huff said...

The hours for dropping off recycling are from 1PM to 6PM 7 days per week. You MUST stop at the township office or library before dropping off recycling.

Anonymous said...

I have already purchased a plastic reusable tote from dollar general. It is large enough to hold my items and has a lid, but small enough that I can put it in my trunk and just dump it and take it home when I am done. Seeing how my recyclable trash is already either clean or rinsed, there should be no issues with it getting nasty, and if it does it is easy to wash. I chose a large blue one and labeled it recycling.

Anonymous said...

Are magazines being accepted?

Jonathan Huff said...


Anonymous said...

yes magazines will be accepted...if you go back to this posting http://solomonswords.blogspot.com/2010/12/roulette-township-to-offer-zero-sort.html that was earlier in the month it give examples of what is accepted...