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Thursday, December 9, 2010

State Tourism Funding Shifts From Local To Regional

State Cuts Support Of Tourist Promotion In Potter County

pcvaFor the third consecutive year, drastic reductions have been made in state support for Potter County’s tourist promotion activities. Potter County Visitors Association (PCVA) is getting $2,917 in state support this year, down from $4,925 in 2009, $13,355 the previous year, and $34,652 in 2007.

State funds have been shifting from single-county tourist promotion to regional agencies, such as the 12-county “Pennsylvania Wilds” organization.

The state also supports the Pennsylvania Heritage Areas promotion efforts, administered by the Pa. Rt. 6 Marketing Partnership, and has made grants for promotion of golfing and snowmobiling in Pennsylvania.


Anonymous said...

It is time to do away with the PCVA altogether. The 3% room occupancy tax is and absolute waste of money and needs to be repealed. Is the PCVA office even open? Do they keep any regular hours? I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

The hours are erratic & at best irregular. Well almost never regular. But how often would anyone be there at the wages offered. We don't need to close PCVA, what we need is a solution. Easy to complain, but good ideas are much harder. Please help.

And no I am not the director writing here, just someone who believes in offering tourists a good experience in exchange for some dollars.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's time for the PCVA to become part of the regional program.

Anonymous said...

soon all there will be to see is gas wells and water trucks. and by spring the roads will all be torn to pieces.
i think the state knows it, why waste their money to promote what will no longer be here to see in the near future....

Anonymous said...


It seems that all the room tax being collected is going to pay salary, with little or nothing left over for actual promotion. It's just like you own a business and only have enough money to make payroll and nothing left over to purchase raw materials. Unlike the government, a real business would have to lay off employees. Far be it to expect our government to be run like a real business, though.

Anonymous said...

With the addition of additional beds in Potter County and increase of non-locals staying in them for weeks on end, isn't there an increase in this revenue?

Yepper said...

8:55:00 AM

Being a business owner for many many years, you sir hit the nail right on the head!!

It is easy to receive money to meet your payroll it is a far cry from actually makeing the revenue to meet your payroll, pay in the employer taxes AND have a profit margin to show your efforts to keep investing in your own business!

This is what MOST of our paid elected officals have never ever done and that is why our country is in the hole it is in......