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Friday, January 7, 2011

Sex Talk For Seniors, Middle Age Americans

Tapestry Family Planning and Health Services is stepping up efforts to increase safer sex statistics across age groups. Recent news has shown that not just young people need sexual health services.

Study, events remind sexually active of condom use

Centre Daily Times

A major sexual health study in 2010 showed that teenagers and young adults practice safer sex at higher rates than their middle-aged and senior counterparts, specifically in terms of condom use. The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, the first of its kind in 16 years, revealed that 18- to 24-year-olds are about twice as likely to use a condom in recent sexual encounters as people ages 35 to 44 and three times as likely as people ages 45 to 60. (The study covered those 14 to 60 years and older.)

There has been speculation that middle-aged and senior Americans are facing increasing rates of sexually transmitted infections. More...


Anonymous said...

be sure to stay in the middle of the bed to be safe. Hurts when you fall out when you get this age.

Anonymous said...

I always say to my son cover it up... if you can't just walk away and say no..

Anonymous said...

I should have listened a condom would have been alot cheaper than the child support im paying now. I love my kids to death but the child support is absurd.

Anonymous said...

Would be great if you are lucky enough to participate in "Senior Sex". MOST of us would just settle for sex ,let along safe sex. lol

Ann DeHaven said...

Statistics show that condoms have a 1 in 5 chance of not "working" properly. Hmmmm... would you point a pistol to your head if it only had one bullet? Family Planning agencies are a JOKE. And they also support teen-age abortion, often facilitating them. (Abortion is viewed as a means of "Family Planning," a form of birth control). But the REAL problem lies in the fact that they fight tooth and nail against teaching Abstinence. WHAT is so WRONG with that? WHAT harm can it do to tell our kids they do not HAVE to cave in to the temptation. It's all about MONEY folks. Supporters of Family Planning have us programmed to believe the LIE, "They're going to do it anyway..." Sure, some will. But what of those who, with the RIGHT guidance, would wait till marriage? Who is going to answer for them when they end up like 10:24? These poor kids don't have a chance, bombarded with "information" that supports promiscuity, giving away the most precious gift God gave you to give to that one and only person - your spouse. And now millions who would have made the RIGHT choice live in regret. Not to mention the children who are born in fractured homes and single parent situations... Family Planning has done NOTHING constructive to address the rampant spread of STD's (its an epidemic now) and teen pregnancies. And never does it address the tragic fallout from all this "freedom" we are giving our kids on a silver platter today.

Anonymous said...

2:41 you are living in a dream world.

first, 1 in 5!?!?!? wow, you are incredibly, incredibly misinformed.

i'm guessing you got that stat from focus on the family or fox, not actual science or statistics.

second, you're just like the vatican watching millions of new cases of aids in africa every year, yet insisting it's a sin to use a condom. putting your head in the sand because you can't or refuse to face the world around you.

people have been having sex for a long long time. if you want to put your head in the sand and preach only abstinence, good on you. do it. but don't expect everyone else to join you in your pretend world where that is all we should teach.

don't press your beliefs and philosophies on others. holding back information is all this comes down to. if you think telling kids how important protection is equivalent to telling them having sex before they should or are ready is ok you are not able to address the issue in a mature way...

as the song goes, the times they are a' changin'

it's a crazy world out there, a scary world.

we all want our youth to live smart, good full and HEALTHY lives. the best way to do this is arm them with the only weapon that helps, knowledge and information.

teach them abstinence, but don't go spreading b.s. about 1in5 failure rates.

here is a fact i bet you don't pay attention to:
areas where abstinence only is taught statistically display a higher rate of teen pregnancies than those where children are properly taught about ALL the facts on sex.

Anonymous said...

if the one in five theory were correct... i should have over 100 children... You fail Ann