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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Corbett Tells Reporter Adult Basic Won't Be Funded

Gov. Tom Corbett maintains his plan to let adultBasic health insurance program end this month

By KARI ANDREN, The Patriot-News

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett said today he does not plan to seek new avenues to find money to keep afloat adultBasic, a state-subsidized health insurance program for low-income working adults. More...


Anonymous said...

Maybe I might sound a bubble off [cause I've been working 11+ hrs all week and taking care of the chitlins], but DANG.

Dear Mr. Corbett,

I happen to be an unhappy resident of PA because I don't use adultBasic, my place of employment uses another undisclosed health insurance plan, but I really feel for those less fortunate than myself. You've got alot of gall to take health care coverage from those working residence that don't quite make ends meet all the time. I hope the you sleep good at night on your king-sized Sealy Posturpedic with your awesome health insurance plan to keep you in tip-top condition to run our poor state into hell. What insurance plan do you carry, Ol Tommy-Boy? I hope its top-notch. I hope that is a hard pill to swallow, knowing you pulled the plug on something that people need [and unfortunatley abuse sometimes]. Oh well. I'm spent. I'm done venting.

--From a Disillusioned Pennsylvanian--

Anonymous said...

I for one want him to cut more "welfare" programs.

Anonymous said...

Won't the new health care law pick up where this AdultBasic leaves off?

Anonymous said...

I think that the State should keep Adult Basic. I know a frw people who are using it and it's not to the people who are using it to take it away.What are they suppose to do? When they can't afford to go see the Doctor and get the medicine that they really need. I'm disapointed with this new govenor.

Anonymous said...

9:58:00 PM
Do you mean Obama's unconstitutional health care scam?
Ha Ha Ha the joke is on us tax payers once again.....PA is one of the 26 states that signed on to do away with this scam and I for one am glad of it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There really isn't anything to replace adultBasic, and the new health care law doesn't kick in until 2014. The stop gap measure, PA fair care only covers people who have not had any health insurance for the last 6 months.
There are people who don't have the option of getting health insurance through their work. Not slackers or people on "welfare", but people who work, 2, 3 part time jobs, with no health insurance.
What we do for the least of our brothers, is what we do for him.

Anonymous said...

I can see right now that Tom is not for the working man.Where else will he go next after our jobs.Raise taxes,Maybe he should use his fishing license that the state bought for him and go fishing.maybe he would fall through the ice.HA HATom not the man for the JOB in PA.

Carrie said...

My parents are hard working people who have worked hard their whole lives. My dad's job doesn't offer health insurance and they can't afford self-paid insurance but make too much for welfare. AdultBasic was a God-send to them. Especially when my mom got cancer. Unfortunately, AdultBasic is ending and my mom still has cancer. Their are two programs being offered as a replacement; one is the FairCare program that mandates she be without insurance for 6 months. 6 months, and with cancer! The other is very limited coverage, of which will almost surely bankrupt them when she needs treatments again. Cancer on it's own is cruel enough without it forcing you to lose everything you've ever worked for in the midst of it. (Of course if they weren't hardworking, I guess they could just let themselves go, quit their jobs and get on Medicaid, but they would never even let that thought cross their minds!)

Here's the thing that I don't understand... I've heard a lot of people say that they're all for cutting these programs, or that they don't need health insurance -- they'll (or others!) should go to a free clinic or to one that offers a sliding fee scale or something of the like. But what people are missing is -- whether it's through insurance or just people that can't pay their bills -- we ARE paying for those people anyway. It's not as though if we cut these programs that are helping the WORKING poor, that their health insurance expense is going away. We're just going to pay for it in the cost of our healthcare and other things because those people are going to get life saving services anyway -- but they're not goign to be able to pay their bill. It makes more sense to pay for insurance so that they can get preventative care so that perhaps before they get to the doctor, it won't be quite as expensive...

Either way, I can't say anyone can get up on their soapbox about how it will save money or that these people deserve this until it is their loved one who has worked all of their life and is left with little to no options on how to continue their healthcare coverage that they need to STAY ALIVE. When it strikes close to home, it is a hard blow, and you can see how many people fall through the gaps.

Anonymous said...

I see everyone still believes the economy is bad because of poor people and not because of class warfare as our wealth has been funneled to the top for the past 30 years.

I won't try to say we don't spend too much on entitlements, but it's funny how reform never enters talks, always flat out cuts.

However find someone of the opposite mindset and see if they will admit that the ultra rich they covet so much on Faux news has seen to it the wealth at the top 1% has grown 500% in 30 years while the wealth at the bottom 50% has not moved in 30 years.

It's all about entitlements, cut them all. Just forget about poor people, IT'S THE CHRISTIAN THING TO DO RIGHT???

Oh, and the gas companies? Oh, let them do whatever they want, don't you concern yourself about water table health and state extraction taxes. No, good ol Tom Corbett has your back PA, he's going to see that all the money goes where it should have all this time... TO HIM, HIS FRIENDS AND HIS NEXT CAMPAIGN

Anonymous said...

@11:41 pm...

Obamacare is actually a health reform plan that was totally conceived within the conservative American Enterprise Institute as a response to the Clinton proposed Hillarycare that was struck down during Clinton's 1st term. It was also parsed by the GoP legal team and deemed worthy enough to part and parcel of Bob Dole's failed '96 presidential election bid.
All of the brouhaha towards the Obamacare legislation passed by the 111th congress is just political posturing. The GoP leadership considered it constitutional in '96.

As for questions of it's constitutionality, the score in districts courts, where it's been challenged, is actually 2-2, with 2 courts ruling the individual mandate is constitutional, 1 saying the mandate is not and the judge in Florida who said the whole thing is unconstitutional. That judge's ruling is considered tenuous, at best, judicial activism at worst. Considering the history of the law going back to AEI and the GoP and the current Supreme Court's upholding of other challenges to the Interstate Commerce Clause of the constitution, this Florida judge's ruling is likely to not stand up to scrutiny and will probably be overturned.

Anonymous said...

9:55 - Kiss my butt. I've paid my share for my Adult Basic, never been on welfare. I am caretaker for my two elderly parents for no pay. (I love them, and am happy to do it.) Without me, they would both be in nursing homes costing the state even more. Let's hope you never find out the hard way that good people sometimes need help to keep doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I know that this is a State issue but I can't help but wonder after hearing on CNN this morning that 1/3 of Egypts defense budget is supplied from the US. Maybe if we the Fed stopped paying for programs for other Countries, we would be able to lessen the burden on our States.

Is this not what all the protests are about. BAD DECISIONS BY BAD GOVERNMENT.

Lets get back to taking care of the United States and our own people.

Anonymous said...

people on welfare should have to take a drug test to get it! they Should not smoke or drink and when shopping they should not be aloud to buy junk food. then we would save enough money for the insurance...
Too many getting the free hand out! Make them earn there keep it makes me sick!

Anonymous said...

All hail obama care! All hail obama care ! Yes we can! Yes we can! You people that voted for these fools should have been listening closer ! You listened to the music now its time to pay the fiddler ! Good luck !

Anonymous said...

Carrie 7:26:00 AM What I understood is that if you are on Adult Basic and you have had an existing medical issue prior to Feb 28th that your care will continue after the cut off date. I would have you call an Adult Basic representative and find out what there is regarding that. Good luck to you and to your mom.

Anonymous said...

Granted .00000000001% of the people on welfare deserve it, but the rest are just lazy asses.

Anonymous said...

1:31, no even people with existing problems will be cut off. Even people who have been paying full price will be thrown off.

Anonymous said...

@12:32:00 PM...

Obamacare is actually Mitt Romney (R MA) care which is actually Bob Dole (R) Care which is actually American Enterprise Institute (Conservative Think Tank) Care.

This Health care reform bill passed by the 111th congress was actually a GoP response to Hillary Care which died in 1993.

Your disdain for Obamacare is little more than YOU being duped by conservative corporate media and a GoP drive to undermine this president at ALL COSTS.

Clearly you have access to the internet, so rather than be part of an echo chamber being used to destroy the middle class, please educate yourself through independent non aligned outlets. If you did, you would know that Obamacare is a conservative health insurance reform plan. Including the individual mandate that you've been told to hate. That's the God's Honest truth. Obamacare is a conservative health care reform plan.

For the sake of this nation, open your eyes and understand how we are ALL being manipulated and played against each other.

Anonymous said...

10:15 Please! If you would open your eyes you would see that there has never been a bigger divide in this nation than has been put into play in the past two years ! By none other than mr. obama with speaches and blame games for his blind followers such as yourself.

Anonymous said...

Do you yourself see the senseless attacks on your neighbor? What have I done to deserve your ire? I pointed out that Obamacare was originally GoPCare. That's what I did. And for that you attack me.


You're so brainwashed by Fox news you can't see how you're being used.

Obama isn't dividing this nation. YOU are.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 10:15, a voice of reason in an insane bizarro world.

Anonymous said...

To 9:10:00 AM

From 11:41 pm
So since you do not like the ruling of the judge in Florida you are calling him an activist?
So I take it you have received your law degree and been an acting judge? Must be since you seem to know so much about it!

Maybe you agree with Nancy P., we should pass it and then read it & In order for us to know what is in the bill we have to pass it first?

Why should we have to pay taxes into a health care program for 4 years before it even kicks in? And those of you that got snowballed into
thinking you were going to have coverage asap because you have pre-existing conditions...well it did not happen did it?

What the hell kind of logic is that? Good thing we business owners do not run our businesses like that...we read our contracts before we sign them i.e.: enact them.

Maybe the paid servants at both levels of government, Fed & State need to get out of bed with the health insurance companies and demand they be regulated and allowed
to sell their products across state lines so they would HAVE to compete for our business...No, that would be too easy and less government control of us tax payers money.
I do not want to hear about interstate commerce either, it was never meant for this chock hold the Fed’s have created!

The federal government has absolutely no right to force any citizen of the USA to purchase anything and that includes health care!
Hey, I’ve got an idea, lets say the big “3” car manufactures of the USA are going belly up because too many people have lost their jobs and can not afford to buy a new automobile...
um, Obama to the rescue, he will make each and every one of us pay a fine via the IRS if we do not purchase a new vehicle! What is the difference?

You have your feelings about this matter as I have mine but I doubt very much that the Florida judge's ruling will be overturned and I do feel it will stand up to scrutiny!

You are in the minority, read the poll figures...62% dislike Obamacare.....And if the GOP
was smart they would just cut the funding, problem solved, no Oboma care ;0p

Really??? said...

Bash Fox not Faux all you want....the numbers say it all....It is what it is ;p)

THURS., FEB 10, 2011

...FOXNEWS HANNITY 2,293,000
FOXNEWS BECK 2,243,000
FOXNEWS SHEP 1,936,000
CNN BLITZER 1,036,000
CNN MORGAN 941,000
CNN COOPER 826,000

MORE Americans choose Fox News, sadly, some die-hard Democrats stick to the fear, racist and hate mongers of CNN and MSNBC...undoubtedly for the satire.

12:13:00 PM --- You are so right!

10:23:00 AM --- I agree with you 100% --- lets worry about our own borders, lets worry about our own homeless, lest worry about taking care of our own vet's, this just makes me sick!!!

Anonymous said...

@8:11 am, I am not the one calling the Florida judge an advocate. You clearly misread what I wrote. People like Johnathan Turley are calling his decision activist in nature and unlikely to stand.

@8:36 pm. Honest unbiased news is not and never should be a popularity contest. Obamacare was GoP care before it ever entered the 111th congress. If THAT bothers you, then you should pay closer attention to your own nation's history.

Anonymous said...

8:58:00 PM

"I am not the one calling the Florida judge an advocate. You clearly misread what I wrote"

Your post:
That judge's ruling is considered tenuous, at best, judicial activism at worst.

My post:
So since you do not like the ruling of the judge in Florida you are calling him an activist?

No misreading on my part, I never mentioned advocate!

Anonymous said...

"Obamacare was GoP care before it ever entered the 111th congress."

Not the way it was written and passed it wasn't...maybe you need to pay closer attention!

I agree with 11:41 pm, Really??? & 12:13:00 PM.

Anonymous said...

Too see the comparison of Obamacare to that originally proposed by the American Enterprise Institute and endorsed by the Heritage Foundation, see this thread at "Campaign for Liberty":


I quote for you since some of you think there's something faulty with my logic:

Dan McCarthy, senior editor of the American Conservative magazine and C4L contributor, put it this way,

"Every think tank on the left and right knows that its recommendations will undergo some deformation before they make their way into law, if they ever do," McCarthy told PolitiFact. "Heritage might prefer state insurance exchanges with greater individual choice, including for workers already covered by their employers. But I don't imagine Ed Feulner would be complaining at all if a Republican president or a Republican Congress had passed a plan that deviated from the Heritage blueprint to the same degree that Obama's bill has. While it's not true that 'lots of' the specifics in the Obama plan were dreamed up by Heritage, the overall approach is similar to policies Heritage has long championed, including the individual mandate as well as the insurance exchanges. This is only controversial because the wrong party happened to pass the law, and it's poison for any conservative to be identified with it."

Conservative libertarian advocates, even some who actually participated in drawing up this policy position back in '93 say it's actually close enough to what was put forth by AEI that it would have readily been endorsed by AEI and Heritage Foundation back in '93. And they conclude at Campaign for Liberty that the only logical conclusion to the pushback against this law is that it was passed by the wrong party.

The public disdain for "Obamacare" is not rooted in any logical argument but appears to be purely partisan.

As for the comment:"That judge's ruling is considered tenuous, at best, judicial activism at worst.", this position does not originate with me, however, I can see how you might interpret it that way. But see Georgetown law professor and constitutional scholar Johnathan Turley's assessment of Judge Vinson's ruling here:

3 other courts ruled on this law.
2 courts upheld the law as constitutional. 1 in Virginia struck down just the individual mandate. The court in Florida struck down the entire statute. It is the act of striking down the entire statute that is considered to be "activist". Forgive me for not being clearer.

Anonymous said...

Johnathan Turley's assessment of Judge Vinson's ruling here....(my apologies for forgetting the link)


Anonymous said...

"2 courts upheld the law as constitutional."

2 courts found PARTS of the law as constitutuinal, not the ENTIRE law, because the entire law was not presented at that time!

Anonymous said...

10:16:00 AM
It seems to me that you can quote till the cows come home, it does not matter, I did not see very much finger pointing at one party or the other.....the point IS 62% of the voting puplic do not want Obama care, PERIOD!

The majority of the voting public did not and does not like this or any other law being passed the way the acting house/senate and/or president did it! Does not matter which party does it,that is the POINT!

Fix what we have as far as health care and health system, I do not want our government controling my coverage or providers, PERIOD!

Anonymous said...


You understand then, that there are good aspects to this law such as state managed insurance exchanges. But it does not go far enough to contain costs and still leaves in place the 1986 legislation that mandates federal medicare payments to cover costs of indigent and uninsured visits to the emergency room. Many of the 62% you reference come from the progressive faction who would actually prefer a government insurance option or believe this law did not go far enough.

And the manner in which congress passed it is a common parliamentary procedure used by every congress. Including the very republican 107th, 108th and 109th congress'.

I don't like playing parliamentary tricks either and some horrible legislation has been passed using such tricks in the past without raising this degree of public angst. (Think the horrific and very non Patriot Act) Understand, it's not just the "acting" congress and senate playing parliamentary tricks.

There really is no way to fix the ever rising costs of health care without dramatically overhauling the delivery method and payment method. In other words, the entire market for health care. And that is always going to make someone unhappy. And that's how it is. Debating it in public is great though, as long as the debate is founded in reality. The government overreach everyone in the GoP and Tea Parties hates is actually a conservative proposal. There is no provision in this legislation to kill old people. You won't be forced to buy insurance from a specific carrier. But it is a bad bill because it completely lacks cost containment and still leaves in place that incredibly expensive law from 1986.

The BEST thing about this bill is that it now has average joe's on the street at least talking about specifics.

That's a good thing.