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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DEP Estimated 3,400 Gallons Of Frack Water Spilled On Coudersport Pike

Residents near frac truck crash awaiting tests of well water, soil

Lock Haven Express

SWISSDALE - A cluster of residents near the horseshoe curve along Coudersport Pike in Woodward Township are awaiting the results of tests of their well water and soil following the weekend crash of a tank truck hauling frack water from a natural gas well site.

The truck was full of frack water when it tipped over on the curve at Berry Lane and plowed through guardrails, spilling its load and injuring the driver, finally identified Tuesday by township police as Richard Hollabaugh, 41, of Morrisdale.

The truck was heading to another well site in Lycoming County and was hauling what officials called filtered frack or flush water about 10:45 p.m. Friday night.

Since then, Berry Lane resident Rebecca Dunlap and her family - among the closest to the spill - are not drinking water from their well. More...


Anonymous said...

10:45 at night what the hell? State police should set up with lights truck stops to check out what there doing at night,, I see lots of trucks go by my house in the Pm dark hours... Wonder why are they illegal how come they aren't trucking in the daylight hours

Anonymous said...

why test the water at all if our gov says it is perfectly safe?

Anonymous said...

nothing in this world is safe anymore . look at fish recall in NY.

Anonymous said...

I think Tom Corbett should drink a glass of that so called harmless frack water... I would like to see the look on his face.