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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Former Coudersport Trooper Caught In Online Sex Sting

Trooper Accused of Inappropriate Behavior


A Pennsylvania State Police trooper from Union County is accused of inappropriate behavior online with a person he thought was a teenage girl.

Douglas Sversko, 43, of Lewisburg was arrested Wednesday, accused of approaching an undercover investigator posing as a 13-year-old girl online and sending a sexually explicit video of himself.

Investigators said the video showed Sversko dancing naked in front of his computer, then warning the "girl" not to tell her parents and to delete their conversation.

Trooper Sversko, who works out of the state police barracks at Milton, is suspended without pay, according to state police. He had been full active duty until his arrest. He has been in Troop F since 1993 and also served at Selinsgrove, Coudersport and Montoursville barracks.

Sversko is charged with unlawful contact with a minor and criminal use of a computer.Photo...


dingleberry said...

it is obviously a setup, this trooper is being framed. there is no possible way the tropper could have done theses terrible acts, all troopers are very honest people. i can only hope he is sent to camp hill, lots of wonderful gents just waitng for him to dance naked in front of them. hope he can dance all night..

Anonymous said...

See you guys are no where above the law like you think you are. Good luck fella, your gonna need it, when you get to the big house!

Anonymous said...

he is only being a Accused of

Anonymous said...

Just because he is a trooper doesnt mean he didn't do it. Most of them do it because they dont think they will get caught because no one looks at an officer to do this kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

This made some FBI agents day.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how everyone is so quick to through digs if a trooper screws up. Did they catch you doing something wrong? I am happy to have them in the area, do I like speeding tickets? No, but if you do the crime you do the time right? I for one would like to thank the troopers, in fact I saw one stuck in the snow and guess what I stopped to see if he wanted me to pull him out. I wish you couldn't post with a secret identity, then lets see who has the nerve to talk about our law enforcement officials.

Shane Snyder said...

So let me get this straight. Hes accused of getting naked in front of a 13 year old (or so he thought), saying don't tell your parents, and delete our conversation. Now I wonder why you would just randomly accuse a state trooper of that.

Did I say all law enforcement are bad? Negative. But when one does something such as this which being a trooper he should, above anyone, NOT be doing, I think some ridicule is in order. And I don't need to be anonymous to say it.

Hang him out to dry and let him rot for the sick he obviously is.

Anonymous said...

Where did anybody say that this guy couldn't have "done it" because he's a trooper? Where did anybody say that he shouldn't pay the full price because he's in law enforcement? I can guarantee that 99.9% of the law enforcement people in this county and in this state would like to see this guy have the full weight of the law bear down on him, if he's convicted.

The anti-law enforcement venom that some of you people spew gets old.

Anonymous said...

i dont know what to think.this man is a cop he is all for the law
what was going on in his mind to do this..

Greg Elderkin said...

Dumbass. Dirty Pedophile. Just because he enforces the law, he thought he was above the law.

To Mr. Snyder,
I could not have said it better. Thankyou.

Anonymous said...

Yet ANOTHER State Employee who thinks he is better than anyone else!

Anonymous said...

I guess i dont understand all the comments about thinking he's above the law or better than everyone else. I didnt realize this individual talked to you and told you all that because it sure doesn't say that in the article. I have dealings with state police and local PD on a regular basis due to my job and most of the time their stand up guys. You complainers are just stuck on a ticket you got or some other reason to hate them. If this guy is found guilty then he will go to jail, how is that above the law?

Anonymous said...

dam i wounder if he was doing this when he was in cousersport

Anonymous said...

Personally if he did it, he needs to do his time, if he didn't then so be it, but if he is on here then guess what he is guilty till proven innocent its not inocent till proven guilty anymore. It don't matter if your a law enforcement person cause your only human like the rest of us it don't make ya any different. also I don't trust anyone not even the cops cause there just as crooked

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to let the legal system to it's job... but I will be interested to hear more about what type of punishment this man faces IF he is convicted.

Glad to see they didn't do the standard "suspended WITH pay" though I'll reserve my judgment for the conclusion of this story.

Boys in blue typically get soft treatment by courts instead of being held to the HIGHER standard servants of justice should be.

I will be watching this man's case with interest, and see what type of message our courts will send IF he is convicted and guilty of these acts.

Anonymous said...

cops are rats they like to twist words around they are not looking out for you! they are only out for there Brownie Points..

Anonymous said...

An anonymous poster comments that others shouldn't post anonymoous comments That's a good one

Anonymous said...

Innocent until proven guilty.

Can they recover the video that aired online? Wouldn't it be easy to match naked body for naked body? Just saying.

Timothy C. Cole said...

The local cops would never do this sort of thing. They would never misuse the trust the public puts in them. They would never lie on the stand or to the local papers. They would never damage peoples private property. It just isnt done. I think this man should be set free. We know that the boys in uniform are above reproach. Never question athority and when they do screw up it is the local elected offical duty to cover and lie for them Thats how it is done in Potter county!!!!! Timothy C. Cole

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll consider the source on that last comment and be done with it.

The guy will get what he deserves. And likely lose more than the average person. As he should.

Anonymous said...

Good point 12:20 about anonymous posters. I think that one and a couple other posters are definitely the Fuzz. Pretty amusing.