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Friday, February 4, 2011

Prisoners Medical Fees Can Devastate Counties Budget

Elk County takes proactive approach to inmate medical fees

By Becky Polaski
St. Marys Daily Press

Each year Elk County budgets a set amount to cover medical fees incurred by inmates. Greg Gebauer, warden at the Elk County Prison, explained that once a person is admitted to the county prison, their care, custody and control is the responsibility of the county, and the same is true for states and the country for inmates in the state and federal prison systems.

The issue recently became a hot topic in Meadville when the Meadville Tribune published an article on Jan. 26 highlighting how the suicide of an inmate in the Crawford County jail in December 2010 may end up costing that county over $290,000 in medical bills. According to reports, the Crawford County Commissioners indicated that they do not have enough money in their general fund to pay the fees and will have to utilize money in the county's capital improvements fund.

Both Gebauer and Elk County Commissioner June Sorg indicated that the scenario is one that could play out in any county throughout the state. More...


Anonymous said...

Why is it that people in prison get better treatment and treated better then those in nursing homes?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Potter County Commmissioners can "steal" yet another idea. Everything they have done - was already in place before they got there. I don't know of one single thing that they can take any credit for - does anybody???? I mean, really - get a grip.

Jerry said...

Wow $290,000.00 Why not rent a pine box to transport to the furnace get the whole thing done for under $5000.00

Anonymous said...