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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well Stopped Flowing When Drillers Went Through Aquifer In Brockway

New drilling concerns in Brockway

Courier Express

Water stopped flowing briefly to a Brockway Borough Municipal Authority-owned artesian well Thursday when drilling by Flatirons Development pierced the aquifer.

Authority President Mike Arnold said Monday that Flatirons Development started to drill and set the first well casing last week on the borough's watershed.
Arnold said when the well was drilled and cased, the water came back.

The authority and Flatirons reached an out-of-court settlement last month after the authority sought an injunction to stop Marcellus Shale drilling on its waterhshed. The agreement outlines Flatirons' obligations if its operations interrupt the availability of water or contaminate the supply. It does not preclude drilling.

"I take it then there's a direct link between the drilling and the water supply," PJ Piccirillo, a member of the Brockway Area Clean Water Alliance, said.
Alliance member Bruce Miller asked if everytime Flatirons drills a new well this is likely to happen.

"I would assume so. I see no reason why not," Arnold said. More...


Anonymous said...

The left-wing liberal media should stop lying. They said the drilling pierced the aquifer. What a bald faced lie!

There has NEVER been a case anywhere in the world where drilling has effected a water source.

The darn treehuggers got the left wing liberal media to spread lies like this!

No drilling will ever hurt water.

Anonymous said...

8:56 get your head out of your ---.
its happening all around the state.If you had more time to read a paper than dig a ditch you would know what you are talking must be a drill baby,and you aint foolin anybody around here. spill baby spill!

Anonymous said...

When a well bore starts above the aquifer and is drilled to depths below the aquifer it pierces and goes through the aquifer.
There is no way possible to avoid it.
It can't end before the aquifer and restart after the aquifer.
It pierces the aquifer every single time.

Laurie Barr

Anonymous said...

8:56 was being sarcastic.... i even picked it up !

Anonymous said...

I think 8:56 was being sarcastic.

If anyone would like to know the science and engineering facts behind deep directional horizontal drilling and slickwater hydrofracturing, then I would highly recommend this hour long talk by Dr Tony Ingraffea, scientist, engineer and professor of geophysics at Cornell, he also worked for Slumberger for 20 years as a field geologist and helped to develop directional drilling and some of the hydrofracturing processes.

1 in 150 well casings in PA thus far has failed.

Anonymous said...

I believe the first poster was being sarcastic. The rest of you-take it easy!

Anonymous said...

8:56 back again!

I was just repeating the "oil industry lie" that "there has never been a proven case of drilling ever effecting a water source".

The liars that are the pro-drillers repeat this over and over.

The absolute fact is that EVERY SINGLE WELL DRILLED DOES DAMAGE TO THE ENVIRONMENT! Some worse than others! But they ALL subject the aquifer to chemicals, oil and gas, or sometimes physical leaks that "RE ROUTE" the water flow, as was the case here. Our area is full of tectonic cracks, some very large and some that go for miles and miles. It's idiotic to drill among them! It's a crap shoot at best and will ruin all the ground water in the state at the worst!

Every decent person in this state should be a tree hugger by now.

Anonymous said...

The lies and mis-information is unfortunate. One of our local (township) elected officials recently lied to cover up the risk, to the detriment of public health,safety and our environment.

He recently (at a public meeting)blamed a DEP issued gas violation "discharge of pollutant materials to the waters of the commonwealth" on vandalism.
Trying to protect the gas industry with lies and trying to cover up the risk, prolongs the process of enacting ordinances,regulations that may help make gas exploration safer.