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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Everyone Is Invited To An Open House To Celebrate Mike Farber's Retirement


Ann DeHaven said...

My husband and I are sorry to see Mike go. He has been THERE for the people of Port Allegany and surrounding area. He has given "home town" service to his customers, coming out at all hours of the night to fill an RX. Don't see the "competition" doing that! Mike we will miss you and wish you and Lynn a happy and healthy retirement!

Anonymous said...

Kudos and dildines to Mike.
He's a guy that we all really like.

A very satisfied long time customer said...

You couldn't find a more caring and giving person than Mike. He opened up in the wee hours of the morning for my sick niece many years ago and while he has probably forgotten, we sure haven't and never will. And then there was the homemade remedy that helped my father with a stubborn skin condition that the doctor couldn't cure. I could go on for hours extolling his virtues! Enjoy your retirement Mike! You will be greatly missed!

Anonymous said...

Could anyone provide an address? There are probably many who would like to send a card. Many folks in this area are very grateful to Mike but may be unable to attend.

Anonymous said...

We wish Mike and Lynn a happy retirement. They both will be missed. We wish the new owner much success Privately owned pharmacies are so very helpful to their customers. Thanks again Mike. God Bless

Unknown said...

cards can be sent to;
317 Broad St
Port Allegany, PA 16743