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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Invited Media Representatives Sequestered While Corbett & Scarnati Speak At Campaign Rally

Corbett shuts out media; Candidate embarrassed by governor’s staff's actions

By Tony Phyrillas,

EXETER — Gov. Tom Corbett made a whirlwind stop in Berks County Thursday, helping fill the campaign coffers of a local state Senate candidate but leaving behind perplexed politicians to apologize for the governor’s staff.

What Corbett said in support of Republican candidate Larry Medaglia was h eard by just the 100 people attending the fundraiser at the Reading Country Club because the media invited to cover the event were ushered out of the ballroom before Corbett spoke.

Medaglia was visibly embarrassed and apologetic when he learned that reporters and photographers were excluded from the event.

Why Corbett chose to make his remarks behind closed doors remains unknown because the governor was whisked out of the building through a back door while members of the media waited on a landing at the top of the main staircase leading to the second-floor ballroom.

lican elected officials, including Pennsylvania Senate President Joseph B. Scarnati III, were shocked to learn the media was excluded from the campaign event.

“I think the governor’s staff still has a lot to learn from a public relations standpoi
nt,” Scarnati said, clearing up initial confusion about who ordered the media to leave. “I certainly wouldn’t have an objection to the press being in the room.”

Scarnati, who spoke at the event along with Corbett and Medaglia, stayed behind after the luncheon to answer questions from reporters about what took place during the fundraiser. More...


Anonymous said...

Yeah sure your shocked.

Corbett vs Hitler said...

Exactly how Corbett is going to run this State. Everything will be behind closed doors, and public access will always be denied. He is a Prosecuter not a Governor he only knows how to put people in jail, not how to run a State.

Anonymous said...

Just Plain Joe continues to harp on his theory of "financial accountability" and "living within our means".....
Why then, didn't he just pay up front for his Super Bowl trip? Was he financially able to make the trip by himself, but let the big money gas company pay for it? He preaches one way for the masses and lives his own life a different way, letting the taxpayers' trust in him to do the right thing take the beating when he gets caught with his hand in the honey jar.
His behavior would make me question whether I could vote for a candidate that he endorses. If this guy Medaglia trusts Scarnati to stump for him, his judgement is in question already.

Anonymous said...

These Republicans want a police state!

And their only important audience is Big Oil!

Screw the "little people" and the "Liberal biased media"!

Anonymous said...

"Super Sleaze Scarnati" .... If you don't have a fist full of Superbowl tickets in your hand ..... he won't talk to you!

Anonymous said...

What are yaz hiding tommy boy ? He is as crooked as a dogs hind leg. If you trust this hoser i feel sorry for you ! Same goes for you superbowl Joe !

Anonymous said...

Hey, you get what you vote for. Want to blame someone for the jerks we have in office go look in the mirror. They are all sleazeballs.

Anonymous said...

Trump for Prez in 2012

Anonymous said...

6:05:00 PM
I second that motion!!!

Anonymous said...

They must be learning behind closed doors from the Democrats!!

Corbett = Hitler said...

Corbett wants no media attention because since hes been in office takin Oil Companies hand outs. Gas/Oil Prices went up almost a Dollar. By this time next year with him in Office Oil/Gas prices will hit the $5 mark, people will be forced to sell their vehicles, and ride bicycles again. How can the federal Government keep the budget straight when you got State Governors Like Corbett who claim conservative republican that cuts everything that helps anyone, and takes in all the free money they can from big business.

Impeach Corbett!!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Bush's "free speech zones" when he was campaigning.

They use your values as talking points to gain your support but at the end of the day they serve themselves and their own interests.

But seriously, thanks for electing these d-bags everyone. These jokers are much better alternative to letting the librull kenyan mooselim commies win.