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Friday, March 4, 2011

Latest Natural Gas Activity Updates In Newsletter

Local Natural Gas Newsletter Available On County Website

March 4th, 2011


The March edition of the Potter County Natural Gas Task Force newsletter, Roundup, is now available through the county’s website, (click on Marcellus Shale/Natural Gas, then on Monthly Newsletter). Copies of the latest edition and all past editions can be printed directly from the website. Copies can also be obtained over the counter at the commissioners’ administrative office in the Gunzburger Building — first door on the right inside the Main Street entrance (please call 274-8290, Ext. 207, to arrange for pickup).

Among features of the March edition:

  • Gas Expo At Pitt-Bradford To Feature Many Seminars
  • Commissioners’ Form Group To Coordinate Water Monitoring Efforts
  • New Gas Well Construction Standards Now In Effect
  • State Forest Land In Potter County Ripe For Drilling
  • Geoscience Expert: ‘Shale Gas — We Can Do This Right’
  • Gas Production, Violation Reports Available Online
  • Grants Support Northcentral Pa. Forest Ecosystem Study
  • Map (Above) Shows Where Marcellus Drilling Is Taking Place In County


Anonymous said...

Very informative. The article "We Can Do This Right" is worth reading as are all of them really. We need to become more informed and less misinformed.

Anonymous said...

Mike Arthur's comments about We Can Do It Right reflect the obvious pro-industry bias of Penn State. He and the university know better than to bite the hands that feed them. I wonder if any of them got a free trip to the Super Bowl? The story about the Commissioners Form Group To Coordinate Water Monitoring -- I am glad that at least in Potter County we are not being completely blinded by all of the money and jobs this dirty industry is promoting. I believe in economic development but I also believe water is more precious than gas.

Anonymous said...

There is no right way.

If you support hydraulic fracturing You support pumping unknown toxic chemicals into the ground.
You support allowing the toxic brew to return to the surface radioactive.
You support filtering out the solids,diluting it and dumping the radioactive waste water downstream where people use it as drinking water.