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Thursday, March 17, 2011

No Conclusions Yet In Bradford House Explosions

DEP Still Investigating Explosions

The state Department of environmental protection is still looking into the source of the apparent gas migration that caused two Bradford Township houses to explode.

“DEP is conducting an ongoing investigation with a number of other agencies with the goal of ensuring public health and safety,” DEP spokeswoman Freda Tarbell told WESB and The HERO today. “The department is working to identify the source of the problem that has resulted in the incidents in Bradford Township, and we are still at it.”

She said they are collecting new information all the time so she “really can’t make any blanket statement about what the cause of the situation might be and say this applies to every instance.”

Government and emergency officials attended a closed-door meeting last night to discuss the issue.

Tarbell said the meeting was productive and that the people who attended were “exchanging information and trying to bring each other up to date about where all our investigations are.”

Senator Bob Casey’s office says the McKean County Emergency Management Agency is expected to release information “in the very near future” about the apparent gas migration that caused the houses to explode, injuring three people.

Casey says he is concerned about these situations and stands ready to assist local and state officials with any help they may need from the federal government. Casey says he is continuing to monitor the investigations and urges that a resolution be achieved for the safety of McKean County residents.


Anonymous said...

"Casey says he is continuing to monitor the investigations and urges that a resolution be achieved for the safety of McKean County residents."

What about the rest of the state where drilling is going on?

Potter has many orphaned and abandon oil and gas wells, many near the new large drill sites.

This should be the straw that breaks the Marcellus Shale's back.

Public water supplies at risk while not being adequately tested,

Trees being cleared above flood zones,
Radiation waste water concerns from the Fisk Hollow and Pine Hill sites,

Now we have to worry our homes and families can be blown to pieces.
Enough already.Ban drilling until they can assure us our families won't blow up.

Anonymous said...

And while we're at it lets ban driving until someone can guarantee us that no one will ever die in an auto accident again!

Anonymous said...

I was watching PCN the other night and Marty Causer suggested we sell State forests and State parks to private individuals... Nice Marty

Anonymous said...

One of the "private individuals" interested in purchasing a state park,probably suggested that idea to him at the Marcellus Shale Expo last week.

Anonymous said...

I am for selling ALL the state parks and state lands we have way to many parks ! Lay-off ALL the DCNR,DEP,FISH COMM.GAME COMM. and at least half of the penn-dot (workers)ha!Thats a good start!

Anonymous said...

The majority of us ARE NOT AGAINST GAS DRILLING, just the way it is being done and the way we are being lied to.

Anonymous said...

3/17-4:40- What does state forest & Parks have to do with Penndot; numbnuts?? Unbelievable! Brad Jones