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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Office Location Change At Potter County Office Building

Changes Being Made In Gunzburger Annex


During the February 24 meeting, the Potter County Commissioners announced they are moving the Chief Clerk, Fiscal Director and Executive Secretary to the large room on the right off of the Main Street entrance to the Gunzburger building.

The commissioners explained it would give the three women more space, while locating them in the same general area to facilitate their work.

The commissioners also said it will be easier for visitors to find offices as they will have a “first stop” for directions.
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Anonymous said...

This is the 3rd move for those positions since they took over the building. How much is this costing the county? Didn't they pay a large sum for someone to come in and suggest the best layout?

Anonymous said...

They moved 50 feet down the hall. How much would that cost? In fact I think they were moved in a day. As for paying someone for the layout, I think that was really about space/how many where/ect.

It's a move that's easier for the public...really not an issue.

Anonymous said...

The best layout planning was probably when Human Services was to also be moved to the building; which did not end up happening. This is a different situation with just switching around office space for office space.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Human Services would operate more efficiently if all were under a single roof. Share overhead costs, get outta Roulette & rent/sell that building.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah? The study showed that to move Human Service into the school building they would have took up just about the whole building. I guess that means they would have built that 3 million dollar tower across from the jail like the old commissioners' wanted to do with no parking and big old debt to pay for it. Yes that is a real smart plan there 11:31 and 8:59. You really did your homework on that one.

Anonymous said...

Why does every comment section turn so childish?!

10:35, I'm not reading that the other two comments are even saying that Human Services SHOULD be at the Annex. Just about the layout planning and explaining that it's not an issue for the move that the article is talking about.

Seriously?! Why does it have to turn into a play ground disagreement??

Anonymous said...

Poster 10:35. I don't agree with your numbers.