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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

PA Residents Call For Impeachment/Resignation Of Governor Corbett

Residents Start Online Petition
To Impeach Corbett

Pennsylvania residents, fed up with his blatant support of corporate oil & gas interests at the expense of the health, safety, and enjoyment of life by residents, have started an online petition calling for the impeachment of newly elected Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett.

The petition, first signed on March 12, has quickly begun to circulate with residents adding their comments on why they are calling for him to resign or be impeached.

Corbett's stand against imposing a severance tax, gutting environmental regulations set by the Rendell administration, pledging to allow more leasing of our state land, and appointing an official to waive any regulations that might stand in the way of making jobs in the gas industry are just a few of the issues.

His recent speech touting his desire to make Pennsylvania the new Texas for drilling was the move that convinced most residents that they had elected someone who would represent the corporate interests rather than the people.

Slashing aid to our schools, cutting funding for higher education, and now millions more that counties use at their discretion for helping the unfortunate, while approving WAMs for the state legislators to pass out for their pets, sets a pattern for a path that most Pennsylvanians don't want to follow.

We've copied the online petition below. You can click the links and read what PA residents had to say.

The Petition To Impeach Tom Corbett

Whereas the current natural gas drilling operations into the Marcellus Shale within the borders of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are generating vast amounts of toxic waste which is being carelessly and recklessly introduced into our water resources, thereby destroying the viability and potability of the water resources of the Commonwealth.....

Whereas these toxins are of such a nature to cause serious disability, deformity and death to those who ingest, bathe, or otherwise come in contact with them; that these toxins can and will cause increases in birth defects in offspring and cancers within humans, livestock and fauna at epidemic proportions; and that those who are polluting our water resources do so in full knowledge and with willful disregard of the effects of their actions.....

Whereas Thomas W. Corbett, present Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, has decreed and/or implied that he will decrease or remove regulations governing against the poisoning of our citizenry and natural resources by these drilling operations; that he will allow increased drilling operations on hitherto-uncontaminated state lands, forests, and parks; that he will attempt to remove a severance tax on natural gas drilling operations that is meant to fund the regulation and monitoring of the toxins generated by said operations and to fund decontamination and rehabilitation of our natural resources that have been degraded by said operations; that he will use the powers available in his position as Governor of Pennsylvania to aid and assist the natural gas drilling companies in avoiding responsibility for their despoiling and degradation of the shared water resources of the Commonwealth.....

We, the free citizens of Pennsylvania, hereby direct our elected representatives in the Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to bring impeachment proceedings against Thomas W. Corbett, the present Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for his blatant and criminally negligent refusal to uphold the constitutional rights of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to pure water and for aiding and abetting felonious crimes against the people, livestock, wildlife, and natural resources of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Sign petition

Read what signers had to say


Lee Anne said...

What happened to voting people out of office? I am so tired of people trying to impeach, legislators hiding out of state and generally not accepting the outcome of the vote.

Vicki said...

I agree with you Lee Anne!

Anonymous said...

Nothing more than a bunch of whiners!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we should vote them out. Problem is it is a long time until we can do that and this elected official is not representing the people that elected him, but gas companies that can't vote for him (most of which are not comprised of Pennsylvania citizens)

Impeachment is a safety net we the people have to prevent these types of things.

Anonymous said...

What these anti Corbett people seem to forget is that the Governor campaigned on these issues and told us what he planned on doing. Well, the people voted him in and he is doing just what we wanted when we voted for him.
Keep up the great work Mr. Corbett

Anonymous said...

How many times are you going to post this crap Jim? If you don't have any real news to post just don't post anything!! So sick of this stupidity.

Anonymous said...

This is truly scary. How can so many people be tolerant of what Mr. Corbett is doing? I am a Republican, but I am not stupid. The only pockets being lined in this whole ordeal is the Governors. If this is what is becoming of the state of the Republican party, then I may consider switching to an Independent. How can anyone allow the roads to be destroyed, education to be cut, and our quality of life going down. I'm ashamed to say I voted for him. Being as rich as Texas would be nice, but they got there money from the oil. Why not us Mr. Governor? I'm all for impeachment!

Anonymous said...

10:27, is this the only webpage your computer can view?

If not, this is a pretty big internet and you have the option to not read pages that bother you!

You should find your way back to FOX news! Or watch some Glen Beck Youtube videos!

Don't impeach Corporatt, JAIL him!

Anonymous said...

I am VERY happy to sign the petition! Less funding in the schools,means less education our children will be getting. All the money that could be used to further somebodys education is being used for something STUPID!!!(like helping Corbett-as he is an idiot!!) They have already jacked the gas prices,so people are now living paycheck to paycheck! Get with the program,and get Corbett out of office because he surely doesnt do justice for anyone!!!!

Anonymous said...

How about we the people just do to him as he would do to us if we did not do our job right; I say FIRE HIS ASS;;;;;

Anonymous said...

10:23.... I don`t remember him saying anything about cutting state school funding by 50%. Maybe he just forgot to mention that ? He also failed to mention the new DEP policy i`m sure he implimented. This guy is a nazi. He puts republicans in a bad light. He will never serve more then one term.

Anonymous said...

blah...blah....blah..... no politician is ever going to please everyone especially when hard choices have to be made that they didn't create in the first place but at least are willing to do something/take the bull by the horns. whiners!

Anonymous said...

Corbett is doing exactly what he said he would do during his campaign. I'm tired of hearing about school funding cut woes...did coudersport really need to spend all that money on their new football field and locker room facilities, did port really need to vote in raises for their administration, do we really need to fund kids playing sports every month of the school year - remember when kids used to have CHORES to do!...we need to start living within our means and that equates to tightening our belts a bit and doing what is needed and not everything that is simply "nice to have"....We must balance the budget and that will mean cuts, pay freezes and the loss of some programs, but if we want a financially secure future for our children, that is what we must do.

Anonymous said...

I think it is hillarious that people believe signing this petition will actually accomplish anything.

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Less funding for schools doesn't mean less education it means cutting the fat and waste! As far as furthering someones education if you mean college how about doing what most of us do PAY for it !! (They have jacked the gas prices)? Do you mean gasoline? Because Obama made the statement that $7.00 dollars per gallon would be good for the united states! Corbett is doing what NO DEMOCRAT has ever done! Making tough choices!! And i for one support him 100% !

Anonymous said...

What a load... the people are the ones who vote, nobody cried foul when the NEA pushed Rendell into office. You don't see teachers willing you make consessions to right the wrongs their influence allowed to be created. These cry babies who can't stand fiscal responsiblity (ie. living within your means)need to "man up" and face the realities of life like the rest of us have been doing for years.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious....more money for education means more education our children will be getting? What a joke, schools are the most out of control form of Govt. there is... bloated bureaucracies! The unfunded pensions, the layer after layer of administration...Tax and spend...Unions protect the incompetent, over pay the poor performer, and spend in the name of the "children". Yet performance is at an all time low, USA is getting it's tail kicked in education....so lets throw more money at it, typical Govt solution

Anonymous said...

WE HAVE A 4 BILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT!!! Stop complaining about spending cuts@!! Kids will still have education, but Athletics wont get new uniforms every three years, administration wont ridiculous raises in salary, Universities wont be able to put up 3 million dollar dorms every year......When I went to college it was concrete block rooms with two beds and two desks and a bathroom at the end of the hall, now they are building suites? Why exactly do they need all that funding when they are raising tuition every semester? You can't spend what you don't have....get over it...

Anonymous said...

"NEA pushed Rendell into office. You don't see teachers willing you make consessions to right the wrongs their influence allowed to be created"

If this guy drinks any more kool-aid he's going to need to call an ambulance.

Do you ever have your own ideas? Or do you just enjoy regurgitating what other people tell you to think?