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Friday, March 18, 2011

PA Residents Call For Impeachment/Resignation Of Governor Corbett

Residents Start Online Petition
To Impeach Corbett

Read or Sign petition

Read what your neighbors had to say


Alex Fish said...

Suggestion: I don't care for his methods either, but take an ACTIVE role in expressing how you feel rather than PASSIVELY signing a comical online petition in hopes of getting results. Look at Wisconsin: The nation knows all about that silliness. Wouldn't it be great to have that kind of interest on this topic?

Anonymous said...

The majority vote put him in office, apparently the person that started this petition is not part of that majority. Don't worry, you will get your chance to vote him out at the next election for governor, until then shut the hell up and enjoy the ride that you all signed us up for...

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin is a joke ! Just shows what democrats are made of if they don't get their way! Instead of staying and fighting they run and hide! Jackasses!

Anonymous said...

We were stuck with Obama and his ridiculous policies. He is our president, we have to live with it and honor him as our leader. The majority voted Mr Corbett as our governor. Lets give him a chance also.

Anonymous said...

At least Gov. Corbett realizes that there are more than philly and allegany county to worry about unlike Mr. Spendell, governor of pittsburg, philly, and 65 other minor constituents.

Oh, and drill baby drill. Its nice to be on the production side of the energy table for once.

Anonymous said...

Drill baby drill is a nice sentiment used to justify disruption to the environment because...we need the gas and oil.

Then you realize that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission with support of energy producers (The drilling companies) has just committed to building a natural gas liquification plant and export terminal in Louisiana that will export 803 BILLION cubic feet of OUR gas each year for the next 20 years.

These drillers don't give a damn about America and they sure don't give to hoots for the damage they're doing to Potter Count or Pennsylvania.

You fools. It ain't about Republican vs Democrat. It's the corporate state vs the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

9:53... Dude... Corbett was born in Philadelphis and then moved to Pittsburgh and served as assistant district attorney... His daughter is a prosecutor in the Philadelphis district attorneys office... i think he might have ties to both cities.... Time will tell if this flatlander will pan out