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Saturday, March 26, 2011

State Police Detail Incidents That Preceded Assault on Trooper

Altercation Led To Assault On Trooper
A description of events that led up to the assault of a Pennsylvania State Trooper last week have been detailed in a news release today by Trooper Roger L. McCloskey at the Coudersport Station.

On March 17th between 11:30 and 11:50 pm, Jason M. Teller, 23, of Harrison Valley drove to a location at 3656 Gold Road in the Village of Genesee clearly intoxicated.

Tina D. Young, 46, of Harrison Valley was accompanying Teller at this time. Teller and Young were not invited to the residence.

Once there, Teller and Young began to yell at Jessica N. Snyder, 22, of Genesee, PA and her boyfriend, who live at the residence with Erica J. Bliss, 28, of Genesee, PA

A physical altercation then broke out between, Young, Snyder, and Teller. Teller and Young were asked multiple times to leave but did not comply.

As a result of the investigation, Trooper McCloskey is filing the following charges in District Court 55-4-01:

Teller--DUI; Criminal Trespass;Disorderly Conduct, and Harassment.

Young--Criminal Trespass and Harassment.


The investigation is continuing. Teller was previously charged with several charges for assaulting Trooper David Burd after he was taken into custody in this incident.


Anonymous said...

I don't know any of these people, but why charge Snyder with anything - she was at her home when these folks showed up uninvited...Seems a little ridiculous to me...

Anonymous said...

every story has two sides. we only get one.

Anonymous said...

i think its funny how they leave out this all started at a bar.

Anonymous said...

We need to get the alcohol out of our county!

RU4REAL?! said...

It's not the alcohol. It's those who are unable to show any class. Some people are able consume alcohol in a social and responsible manner; why take away the right to enjoy a casual glass of wine or beer because of some idiots? come on

Anonymous said...

I agree with 9:46. Why charge Snyder with harassment....I hope she fights it. Who cares where it started, Teller and Young went to her house AND where asked to leave...Dont understand the cops sometimes....I get it that every story has 2 sides BUT they made the mistake of going to her house.There the ones that should be charged not Snyder

Jessica Snyer said...

HI everyone SNYDER here.. Im going to set the story strigh for a few of you! For one there was no conflict WHAT SO EVER AT THE BAR video tapes that the police seen are still there if u would like to see for yourself.. For two I can handle my alcohol very well with out being a IDIOT! me and my boyfriend went down and had a couple with our friends on St.Pattis Day tell me the crime in that please..?? While I had a responsiable sober babysitter at home.. Which was the whole reason Teller And Young deicded to show up at my home asking me where my son was because hes friends with his father and he just wanted to be nosie and start some drama while he was intoxicated.. I do not even know Young but if someone decides to stick their nose in my business and come at me and take a swing YES I AM going to defend myself.. for three As far as being charged with Harassment I have not heard anything about this and I will be contacting the police to see whats going on with that and if SOLOMONSWORD and the paper HAS IT WRONG! i will be asking them to retract this false information.. For thoes of you who defended me THANK YOU SO MUCH its very appreciated and for thoes of you against me who decided to be annoymous SHAME ON YOU!! and I will say this to you I was not wrong in any way shape or form i was not intoxicated and I did not go out looking for trouble.. Am I sorry for Jason?? HELL NO he should be picking weeds in is own yard before he comes into mine. Maybe now that hes sober he realizes that he should not be fighting someone elses battles and he should not have assulted a police officer!! Everyone has to be responsible for their own actions..

Solomon's words for the wise said...

We post what the State Police send us in regard to what they say a person is being charged with. It is possible that the police have forgotten, been delayed, or had second thoughts about charging you as there is nothing on record with the court as of 5:00 pm today. If it turns out that the police don't charge you after they told us they were going to, feel free to contact them and ask them to retract what they sent to the newspapers. We'd be happy to correct any misinformation on Solomon's words, even if it's not our mistake.


I think people need to get there storys staight. Theres are two sides of every story. Just thankfully ours is the truth.As Jessica stated there were no proublems At the bar they followed us home.What happened to the safety of our own homes where our children sleep.Maybe we should have never tryed to do things the right way maybe i should have handled it myself like i have always done in the past.They were told to leave several times and refused. When all hell broke loose and the cops were called they all of a sudden lost there keys.So maybe everyone else should get the facts straight before they make any of there comments they truly know nothing about.If they have any qustions you can contact me personally.Im sure you have my number.As for my girlfriends charge of harrasment yes we are going to fight it the whole way.They should have never been here in the first place.Im sure if the shoe was on the other foot anyone i know in potter county would and should have reacted in the same manner with your children in the house.So anonymous writers if your to ashamed to write your name when you have neggative things to say maybe you shouldnt say anything at all. thanks to everyone who stands for whats right.Everyone that agrees lets see the posts so i can print them off for when we go to court I support her 100%.To everyone else maybe you should get your priorities straight.

Anonymous said...

Well BGrover and JSnyder, really? You two have been in more trouble then whats worth mentioning. And as for the other Teller and Young I believe they are trouble also. Maybe they were in the wrong this time, but maybe it was your turn to get harrassed! All a bunch of Juvenile brats! When are you people NOT at a bar? It is true that responsible people should be able to drink socially without worrying about children behaving this way!

Anonymous said...

I do agree with you Snyder I think anyone would have done that same thing as you did. and as far as you being charged I think its wrong. there are ppl like you that get charged in your own home for defending yourself and your family but yet there are ppl out there every day beating on ppl for no reason other than they want to and you don't read their names in the paper. this world has come to be way to big on what your name is or who you know rather than who is really guilty and in the wrong and who is not! I hope you do fight it and hope you get it dropped because its not right.

Jessica Snyder said...

Hum Anonymous still whos being childish. FYI this is the first time I have EVER BEEN IN TROUBLE get ur facts stright before you jump to false accusations.. And as it was said before me and brandon had a couple drinks and went home where we were fallowed so we deserved to be harrassed for that?? I dont know who you are but im going to assume you stay anonymous becuase your imbarrased and have something to hide yourself.. Dont make me out to be a bad person because I like to go out and have a few drinks with my friends and have a good time just like everyone else it is a shame that us responsiable drinkers cant do that with out any drama being started!

Jessica Snyder said...

And Yes I Will Be Fighting This! Thanks..

Anonymous said...

Jessica's mom and Grandma to her son.
I also think these ppl should not have involved themselves in any of this drunk or not,nor should his father have involved them either,
espically at the home where his child he is sooooo concerned about is living!!! Who would do that.What is he doing with his time the last few weekends that he blew off his time to spend with his son.Well out of 3 sets of grandparents and his daddy, my boyfriend and I spend more time with him than any of them and wouldn't pass it up for anything!!! So don't judge my daughter if you don't want to be judged!!

erica colunio said...

oh my god, dont u people read the paper?? jess is clearly innocent in this one. get a hobby jason and tina, preferrably not drinking.

Anonymous said...

How bad was the State Trooper hurt?
No one has reported what happened to him?