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Friday, March 4, 2011

State Rep's Aide Describes NY Times Marcellus Article As Pure Bunkum, A "Hit Piece and a "Complete Lie"

NY Times Article Pure Bunkum

Marcellus article sparks debate in commissioners meeting


LOCK HAVEN - The New York Times sparked a tiny controversy at the Clinton County commissioners' meeting Thursday, when members of the audience debated the truth of a story focused on the Marcellus Shale industry.

That debate mirrored one that erupted statewide this week following the publication of a critical piece in the Times, outlining the hazards of radioactivity in the shale waste water and suggesting state officials were being less than proactive in responding to those dangers.

Mitzi Gallagher, a legislative aide for state Rep. Michael Hanna, D-Lock Haven, suggested the article was a "hit piece" and a "complete lie." More...

The Times also said it found never-reported studies by the EPA and a confidential study by the drilling industry all concluding that radioactivity in drilling waste cannot be fully diluted in rivers and other waterways.

Pure bunkum, said Gallagher, who said the state's DEP has done an "outstanding job" of protecting the rights of its citizens. Read entire article....


Anonymous said...

Radioactive nucleides present within the Marcellus Shale formation were first asserted by Cornell University and then confirmed by a second study published late last year by SUNY Buffalo.

I think Mitzi is full of crap and lying to her constituencies.

Anonymous said...

Despite how may politicians the oil companies can buy, they still can't argue good science!

The TRUTH WILL COME OUT and more articles like these will only draw more attention to the subject and keep it in the news!

They said GASLAND was all lies and look how that turned out!

More publicity will only result in more people searching for the truth!

Anonymous said...

Of course they're calling it pure bullshit!!!!!!
That's what the guys who paid for their trip to the Super Bowl told them to say!!!!!!!
I got no love for the NYT, but they seem to be speaking for us, the residents and little guys in this instance.

Anonymous said...

I hope they shut these guys down like they did up in New York.

Anonymous said...

Take a trip to Colorado and see how their lives have changed due to gas drilling there.

Anonymous said...

don't rely on any politician to tell you the truth. read for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Republicans have been fighting with scientists at all levels for years and try to muzzle them whenever they have the opportunity. Then the blame the media. Old game, new players.