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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Agenda Of Potter County Commissioners Meeting for April 7, 2011

~ Agenda ~
April 7, 2011


Rev. Robert Terricciano Jr. from Andrews Settlement Baptist Church



Ken Hoffman, PCHS MR Director

APPROVED MINUTES – March 24, 2011--Click to Read


KOS, Maintenance Agreement on DA’s Cannon Copier; April 7, 2011 – April 7, 2012; $.0085 per copy

Christopher B. Wallace – Contract for 3 cubicles at $200/cubicle per month

Insulation proposal for DES Building

Juvenile Accountability Block Grant – $10,000 in funds were awarded. Need to accept

Zelensofske Axelrod – Contract Renewal 2011-2015; 2011, 2012 and 2013 audit fees will be the same amount; 2014 and 2015 will include a 3% inflationary adjustment


Pauline Kleintop, Pat Nichols & Margo Germino, Auditors, AOPC Audit Training, Towanda, PA, April 7, 2011; requesting registration fee, mileage and meals

Kimberly Schaar & Amy Moshier, Prothonotary & Clerks of Courts, Register of Wills & Clerk of Orphans’ Court Spring Regional Meeting, Clarion, PA – April 14, 2011; requesting mileage and meals

Amy Moshier & Paula Weber, Prothonotary & Clerks of Courts, AOPC Workshop (improve data quality & statistical reports for criminal cases), Bellefonte, PA – April 19, 2011; no costs to the County

Kathleen Majot, Chief Clerk & Deanna Johnston, Director of Assessment, 2012 Leadership Potter County Program, Coudersport, PA; April 29, 2011 – March 30, 2012; requesting registration fee

Nancy Hurt, Domestic Relations, Spring Director’s Conference, State College, PA, May 9 – May 11, 2011; requesting registration, mileage, and meals

Glenn Dunn, Lucinda Greene, Dean Predmore & John Hetrick, DES, PEMA Quarterly Training, State College, PA - May 4-5, 2011; requesting mileage and meals

William Krog, PCHS, New Challenges Seminar, Clarion, Pa – April 19, 2011; requesting registration fee

Colleen Wilbur, PCHS, The D&A Conference: Treatment Recovery & Criminal Justice System, State College, PA – April 13 & 14; requesting lodging, mileage and meals

Crystal Thomas, PCHS, PACNET Service Provider Fair, Indiana, PA – April 14, 2011; requesting registration fee, mileage and meals

Crystal Thomas, PCHS, COD Integrated Concepts and Approaches, State College, PA April 15, 2011; requesting mileage and meals

Crystal Thomas, PCHS, Principals of Engagement, State College, PA – April 29, 2011; requesting mileage and meals

Crystal Thomas, PCHS, COD Treatment Planning & Documentation, State College, PA May 13, 2011; requesting mileage and meals

Crystal Thomas, PCHS, Motivational Interviewing Skills, State College, PA – June 3, 2011; requesting mileage and meals

Crystal Thomas, PCHS, Recovery, Relapse, Prevention, Rehabilitation and Self-Help, State College, PA – June 11, 2011; requesting mileage and meals

Crystal Thomas, PCHS, COD and Psychopharmacology, State College, PA – July 8, 2011; requesting mileage and meals

Crystal Thomas, PCHS, Ethics and Boundaries for Effective Practice, State College, PA – July 22, 2011; requesting mileage and meals

Crystal Thomas, PCHS, Groups and Group Skills, State College, PA – August 5, 2011; requesting mileage and meals

Crystal Thomas, PCHS, Working Supportively for Families and Significant Others, State College, PA – August 19, 2011; requesting mileage and meals

Crystal Thomas, PCHS, Comprehensive Crisis Management, State College, PA – September 9, 2011; requesting mileage and meals

Crystal Thomas, PCHS, Principles of Engagement: Children and Adolescents, State College, PA – September 23, 2011; requesting mileage and meals

Hiring Recommendation – Christopher Ianson for part-time General Maintenance at the hourly rate of $8.30/hour, set forth in the union contract.

Hiring Recommendation– David Kurtz for part-time General Maintenance at the hourly rate of $8.30/hour, set forth in the union contract.

Letters were sent to Boroughs and Townships notifying them of their 2011 liquid fuels allocations.

Application for 2011 County Liquid Tax Funds for county aid as follows:
• Genesee Township $2995.55




Anonymous said...

Seems like a lot of requests for travel/classes...We should be limiting this to ONLY REQUIRED classes and travel given the economy...As far as the PC Leadership classes, that should definitely NOT be funded by the County, but by the individuals themselves!!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Crystal Thomas 12 classes. come-on get real.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you neighsayers taken the time to do a little checking to see IF possibly these courses ARE actually either a requirement of the position that she holds or classes that would help to facilitate her in doing a better job more efficiently? Or are you just spitting piss and vinegar before knowing the facts and making an attempt to stir up malice and discord at this person's expense? Is it not reasonable to assume that she had to provide legitimization of these expenses in her presentational request to the commissioners? I would like to think that they do not approve a request without some shred of evidence for the need.

Anonymous said...

She is great at her position and responsiblities. Pay attention to the elected officials who get to go on week long "trainings" at resort lodgings. There are several of those during the summer....those are a waste of tax payor money. Day trainings are helpful in the day to day office business dealings. Week long "trainings"...not so much.

Anonymous said...

might be cheaper to just buy her a bus and send another PCHS employee along to cook for her. Does the state know how to do distance learning or videoconferencing?

Anonymous said...

I don't think every request to go for training should be granted. Week long conferences for example. Some elected officials go to more than one per summer.

Anonymous said...

Leadership Tranining, come on? This Crystal sure needs some training. I think she has been there for awhile. Seems as though some of this stuff could be done on-line. Wow!! When is she going to work?

Coudy Joe said...

How about Paul flying around the country. First for the Windmills and now for the gas. Get Real. And he wants to be reelected to do more traveling at our expense. NO WAY

Anonymous said...

Don't need no stinkin' edu-ma-cation. This is Potter County. We don't take much to learnin'.

Anonymous said...

Coudy Joe, don't let a few facts get in the way of a good old fabrication or exaggeration. I know of one out-of-state trip that any of these commissioners' have taken, total, in four years of office and that was a research trip to Texas to learn how a shale gas rush could effect an area. They had a report on that on the county website. I don't see one trip by three people in four years to be excessive and I don't see what's wrong with our elected officials taking a look at the world on the other side of these mountains since they might actually learn something to help them do their job.
It is pretty clear based on your comment up above here on the article about the grant workshop that you're pretty desperate to kick up some kind of election issue. I for one am more likely not less likely to vote for somebody who will take time away from family and become better educated to be able to do a better job for the taxpayers.
Maybe you want to check the records at the courthouse which I assume are public and then you can post the correct information on here and apologize for your error. That is what a true public minded citizen would do.

Anonymous said...

It's a little embarrassing to me when I see the comments on here sometimes that show me what has happened back in my hometown. Some of the people who write comments seems to be proud of being uninformed and uneducated. If Coudy Joe represents the majority opinion in good old God's Country, then I am pretty sure I am not all that enthusiastic about moving back.

Anonymous said...

HA, HA...good one 9:24 :o) That started my day out with a good laugh. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Coudy Joe.... Dawg you just got served !

Anonymous said...

6:58, you hit the nail on the head!!

This site has suffered for that reason!! When the majority of the viewers on here are looking for anything to make an issue out of, whether fact or fiction, those that could post meaningful ideas and thoughts have been long gone....

Anonymous said...

I wanted some answers, so I called and here is what I found out:
--Yes, it was one trip out of state total for one commissioner in four years as was stated here. The plane fare was at a big discount due to ordering ahead. The hotel was a cheap one like Super 8. That one trip was to Texas for research into the Barnett Shale gas rush there and he brought back a ton of information and presented it to a big audience at the Task Force and published a detailed report on it, which people did appreciate.
--The Crystal Thomas multiple training sessions are mandatory. She must go to this training to be a certified addictions counselor and the county is required to have one of those. If they don't, then they have to contract with one for probably $100 to $150 per hour, so keeping her certified makes sense.
--As far as training by teleconference, the county does that quite often by using the equipment at the Potter County Ed Council or tapping into webinars through the internet. In fact, they did that just today for a training session on gas pipeline regulations and related topics that was beamed to the Ed Council office in Coudersport from I think State College (not sure of host site but I think that's where it was).
--Yes, each training request that is made must be scrutinized and approved. With the budget tight due to the fact that they have not raised taxes even though the state and federal funds are being cut, almost every training trip that is approved is mandatory or, in the case of Emergency Services, is paid for by the state.
Those are the answers I got for Coudy Joe and anyone else by just calling the commissioners office at 274-8290 and it took all of five minutes to get all of this information.
So Joe, you will not have to post your correction after all since I have done that for you but as for your apology, well that is up to you.
Have a great week everyone.

Anonymous said...

Monday, April 11, 2011 7:38:00 PM EDT

KUDOS and DILIDINES to you my friend for not only taking the time to find the facts, but to also take the time to post them.
So often, we sheep of the flock tend to read these anonymous posts and take them as gospel when all it takes is a few minutes to gather facts and make educated decisions and comments. You my friend are one of the reasons why I still take the time to read through the comments from time to time. The rest seem to rely on what they think they know, what they wish were true, and/or what they hear in the coffee clutches in their local establishments as FACT, when in reality most of it is biased smoke and mirrors posted to stir a negative pubic reaction.