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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chesapeake Says They've Stopped Flow On Runaway Gas Well Frack

UPDATE: Fluid flow at Atgas 2H well in Leroy Township successfully stemmed

by Ask Chesapeake: Marcellus Shale
on Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 10:13pm

At this time, Chesapeake personnel have successfully stemmed the flow of fluids from the Atgas 2H well. For safety reasons the well, which is currently in a secure state, will be closely monitored throughout the night. A further evaluation of the well's condition will be conducted in the morning and it is anticipated that final efforts will proceed to ultimately regain full structural control of the wellhead.

Late in the evening of April 19, Chesapeake Energy experienced an equipment failure while conducting completion operations on a Marcellus natural gas well operation in Leroy Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

As a result of this equipment failure, brine water was released to the surface. While the majority of the brine water was controlled within containment structures on the site, portions of earthen berms surrounding the location were weakened by recent precipitation events and allowed some of the fluid to escape off of the location. By midday on April 20, full containment was reestablished, and all water flowing from the well was completely confined to the well location. Emergency-response procedures and many of Chesapeake’s best management practices in location design and construction, significantly minimized the impact. Tests by both Chesapeake and the Pennsylvania DEP indicate little, if any, impact upon local waterways and aquatic wildlife. Additional testing will be done in conjunction with DEP to fully assess and remediate any environmental impacts.

On Wednesday, efforts made by Chesapeake personnel and a well control specialist team made some progress, regaining partial control of the well and continuing successful containment of any produced water. Early Thursday, the well began to produce some natural gas as well control specialists began operations to completely seal the well.

Late Thursday afternoon, efforts to seal the leak and regain control of well pressure were successful. We will monitor the well overnight to assure stability. If conditions remain unchanged, as expected, efforts will commence in the morning to regain full control of the wellhead.

The cause of the equipment failure is undetermined at this time, and as a precaution Chesapeake has voluntarily shut down all completion activity in the Marcellus Shale in its Eastern Division. A full investigation will be conducted to determine the root cause of the failure, evaluate best management practices and make any and all necessary corrections before returning to normal operations.

We regret the incident and the inconvenience that it has caused neighboring families and the community. Even though the environmental impact appears to be minimal and temporary, we have zero tolerance for any accident, and we will make additional improvements to our operations if any opportunities for development are identified during the investigation.

We greatly appreciate the professional and responsive assistance of federal, state and local agencies that participated in these efforts.


Anonymous said...

Oh look they have zero tolerance for accidents.

Well now I feel better about this whole thing. I guess there was nothing to be afraid of all this time.

Silly me, thinking they would just lie to us.

Anonymous said...

Chesapeake, you are forgiven, live and learn. Now GET BACK TO WORK!

Anonymous said...

That's some grade-A turd polishing. Whoever wrote that deserves a raise.

Anonymous said...

"Zero tolerance for accidents." That made coffee come out my nose. You would think they would at least try and come up with a different angle. At least put a different spin on it. Geewiz

Anonymous said...

No harm,No foul!
Sounds like they took all the right steps to remedy a bad situation!
A "Tree Hugger" salute!!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, I keep seeing this term "tree hugger" used on this site. So I was curious and thought I would give it a try. I went out in my back yard and wrapped my arms around a big old maple tree, I couldnt even reach all the way around. I squeezed really hard and pressed my cheek up against its rough bark waiting for some kind of "feeling" or something. It never came , so I was disappointed and decided I dont want to be a 'tree hugger'.
Now what does "turd polishing" mean? Here I go again.

Anonymous said...

There are two types of people on these threads.
The people who drank the industry kool-aide and tree-huggers.

oh...and then the is third type, people who signed leases that don't give a poop about anyone but themselves.

Anonymous said...

Wait... there is also a 4th kind of person. One that didn`t get their lease renewed and all of a sudden they are worried about the water. How money changes people.