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Friday, May 13, 2011

Elect Kari A. Stubbs Your Magisterial District Judge 55-4-01

Kari A. Stubbs is seeking the position of Magisterial District Judge 55-4-01

to replace the Honorable Barbara J. Easton who will be retiring at the end of the year.

Stubbs is the best of four candidates running in the May 17th Primary Election for the job of District Judge.

Stubbs was raised in Shinglehouse and graduated as an Honor Student from Oswayo Valley High School in 2003. In 2005, she graduated with Honors from Jamestown Community College, with a Social Science degree, and again in 2006, with High Honors in Criminal Justice. It was her love of working within District Court 55-4-01 that gave her the encouragement and desire to go back to college and obtain her criminal justice degree.

“This is a position that is very near and dear to my heart. For the last six years I worked in District Court 55-4-01 as its only staff member. Often you may hear me joke that the Honorable Easton tossed me into the shark tank on day one. However, that’s exactly what she did. It has given me the experience that is unmatched in this race. I have been privileged to have been educated in the inner workings of all office procedures to not only complete my job but to fully understand what takes it to be a District Judge.”

Each year Stubbs attended State Update Certification Classes for any new procedures that would apply to the court system, along with any other course the county could send her too. She has attended extra courses in Advanced Traffic/Non-Traffic Cases, Advanced Civil/Landlord-Tenet Cases, and Out of Case Accounting. With the completion of those courses Stubbs to date holds eight training certifications. Outside of her state trainings, she has also attended several seminars on issues such as domestic violence, using technology in crime, and drugs.

Prior to working in the court system, Stubbs held a variety of employment positions throughout her high school and college years. She has worked in the food service industry, as a camp counselor for behaviorally challenged youth, and in the admissions office of her college, just to name a few.

In February, Stubbs was required to leave her position as a staff member of District Court 55-4-01 to run in this election. The Supreme Court does not allow staff or judges to be politically active while working in the District Court, with the exception of the sitting judge while seeking re-election.

“Part of being a District Judge is being some one that is willing to work hard, be dedicated, and understand people from all walks of life. I grew up in a home where money was tight and you worked for what you wanted. At an early age my parents instilled upon me a strong work ethic, the meaning of being responsible, the value of honesty, and to treat everyone with the same fairness, kindness and respect no matter who they were or where they came from. Thus, as one can imagine, leaving my job was not an easy decision to make.”

“Someone once told me the position of a District Judge is for a person that holds a strong sense of self. You have to be willing to stand on your own, and hold true to your decisions. Often they will be decisions that are unpopular with all parties involved. It is not the job of the court to please everyone, but to make fair, honest, and ethical decisions.”

“What you are in your heart, how you live, act, and react is how you will run your court.”

“Along with that, I believe it is my working knowledge, experience, and education that make me a qualified candidate for the position of Magisterial District Judge.”

The Court is to serve as a buffer between the people and law enforcement. The district court level is the beginning for approximately 90% of all cases filed in the state and the majority of people will never need to see a level of court any higher then that of the district court.

Anyone elected into the position will have to take the Judge Certification Course, which is a four-week process in Harrisburg and pass an exam that is similar to the Pennsylvania Bar Exam for Attorneys.

Stubbs states, ” Our court system grows in leaps and bounds each year, from new laws and procedures, down to the increase in case loads placed upon the courts. Electing a younger person will not cost the taxpayers millions more, but will in essence give them more for their money. Every time the state sends someone to the Judge Certification Course it is an added cost to the state. With a younger judge taxpayers won’t have to endure the cost of sending someone every few years due to retirement. Plus, the District Judges of Potter County go on a 24-hour on call/night duty every third week. With the increase in cases and being called in to the court in the middle of the night it is more likely to take a greater toll on someone closer to retirement age.”

If anyone would like more information on the District Judge or District Court I encourage you to visit the following websites:

“It has been a pleasure over the last few months to meet the people in our voting district, and I am truly sorry if I have not made it to your doorstep. I have tried extremely hard to knock on everyone’s door and hopefully if I haven’t found you yet, I will in the days to come. As you cast your ballot on May 17th, you will find my name, Kari A. Stubbs, third on the Republican ballot and second on the Democratic ballot.”

“I am looking forward to putting my experience, knowledge, and dedication to work for the people of Potter County and especially the Boroughs of Shinglehouse and Oswayo, and the Townships of Genesee, Allegany, Hebron, Oswayo, Sharon, Clara, Roulette, and Pleasant Valley.”

Your support is greatly appreciated!
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