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Thursday, June 30, 2011

DEP Approves New Coffer Dam Construction on Pine Creek in Lycoming County

DEP Approves New Coffer Dam Construction on Pine Creek in Lycoming County
Pa. General Energy Pledges to Finish Water Intake Construction Quickly

WILLIAMSPORT -- The Department of Environmental Protection today announced it has approved a Water Obstruction and Encroachment Permit amendment for Pennsylvania General Energy (PGE) that allows the company to finish construction of a water intake structure on Pine Creek in Lycoming County.

PGE submitted the application for amendment on June 27. A stone coffer dam that PGE was constructing washed away in May due to a series of heavy rainstorms.

The new coffer dam will be a portable type that was allowed in DEP’s original permit, but it will be built closer to the creek bank, and the intake structure will move 40 feet nearer the bank.

After the original structure was washed away, DEP required PGE to submit a new plan and amend its existing permit to avoid a repeat of the problems experienced with the first coffer dam.

The coffer dam is a temporary structure that will only be in place until the installation of the water intake structure is finished. Work on the new coffer dam is expected to begin July 5. To ensure minimal impact on Pine Creek, DEP will conduct periodic inspections during installation of the new coffer dam and while construction of the water intake structure is finished.

The original stone coffer dam, which washed away, was not constructed in accordance with the permit issued in December 2010. On May 20 of this year, DEP issued a notice of violation to PGE for improper coffer dam construction, sediment discharges to Pine Creek and improper earth disturbance activities related to a pipeline project associated with the water intake structure.

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