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Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's Not Their Fault The Water's Contaminated


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you guys.. This is my only worry. We have land but we haven't leased any of it.. I love where I live and I'm all for getting the gas but if you ruin the water fix it!!! You know your the ones that ruined it just fix it... you have tons of money to piss away just fix the problem your company has made. An I bet you would get more bees with that honey then your getting with the vinegar that your putting out there... Work with people don't beat your chest an bully us...

Solomon's words for the wise said...

Unfortunately, contaminated aquifers can not be fixed at any price. The only op0tion is piping in water from a location that has not been contaminated.

Anonymous said...

As far as "fixing" the well...screw that.

If my well goes south from drilling they just bought my house

Who would purchase a house with a bad well? No one!
If corrective measures were taken no one would still buy it once the issue gets disclosed.

Even if running city water were an option, I don't want it.

If I wanted to drink crappy chlorinated water I would live in town.

Anonymous said...

Give the homeowners a coloring book and tell them it's going to be ok.

Anonymous said...

Once the water is contaminated it is that way forever. The property value drops 80%. The energy company will deny any fault or negligence. Fact... Do we really want these guys here ?

Anonymous said...

Drill baby drill

Anonymous said...

Two homes exploded near Bradford in McKean County.Believed to be caused from methane migration.

We should not be allowing them to drill near old oil and gas well bores/fields.

The cement plugs of older plugged wells can't withstand the pressure of Hydraulic Fracturing.

They should properly plug all of the abandon and orphan wells before they frack.

They know abandon,orphan and historically plugged wells increase the risk of methane migration.

They learn the locations of these historic well bores when they do the seismology.

They want homeowners to relocate.

Homeowners are in the way.

steve said...

The Politicians and business people who support this rape of the environment are missing a great opportunity: Tourism.

Welcome centers in Florida offer small complementary glasses of orange juice to visitors. Here in PA we could offer small glasses of brownish contaminated water.

Drill Baby! Drill!

Anonymous said...

I live in the Austin area tourism has been going to save us for 50 years or so hasn't happened yet never will! DRILL BABY DRILL!!

Anonymous said...

PA is a wait and see state...our paid politicians are to represent and protect us.

I am not against gas drilling but I am against our government at local, state and federal levels for NOT doing their jobs to protect all tax payers of this state.

Message to Harrisburg, get off your dead asses and try to think out of the box for a change. It is your job to get involved and get this water mess taken care of. There should be no reason we can not have both gas drilling and good drinking water.

Accountability is all we are asking from the gas industry and you as paid represenatives need to be accountable as well...remember we are the voters!

Anonymous said...

You choose to live in Austin.
If Austin doesn't have enough tourism move.
Don't move to Dimmock,PA they don't have much tourism either.

steve said...

"I live in the Austin area tourism has been going to save us for 50 years or so hasn't happened yet never will! DRILL BABY DRILL!!"

Oh, I have no doubt you will get your wish. Then someday you will wake up and find you have lost the things you couldn't lose.

Anonymous said...

7:05 The oil and gas industry can't be regulated at a local level.
We need our local elected officials to enact ordinances to ban hydraulic fracturing.

Once Harrisburg gets off their "dead asses" and puts regulations in place to make the industry's practices safer,then lift the ban.

Voters have to "remember"
the names of the local officials who continue to promote the industry.
Some elected officials hold leases, have family members or themselves have industry related interests/jobs. We should not allow them to remain in their positions,continuing to personally benefit as environmental, public health and safety issues continue to go unaddressed.

Below is a link to a non profit organization's website that teaches citizens how to approach their municipalities with requests to enact ordinances to ban hydraulic fracturing.

Their assistance is free. They draft ordinances that municipalities seeking to ban hydraulic fracturing may adopt.
Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund's address:

Anonymous said...

If there isn't enough tourism in Austin for ya...Move to Williamsport.

16 People from Mexico went there to visit.
One tried to get himself a 12 year old souvenir.

Anonymous said...

16 ILLEGAL Mexicans.

Tourism? Whatever happened to the company selling water front homes along side the damn? lol

On a serious note ... I hope the 100th anniv of the damn breaking is a good tourist attention getter for Austin.