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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Man Was Selling Prohibited Offensive Weapons

A vendor was arrested at the annual Cross Fork Snake Hunt and arraigned in District Court on charges of possessing and dealing in Prohibited Offensive Weapons.

Joseph Ronald Gallagher, 68, of 1307 17th Avenue, Altoona, PA, was a vendor at the annual snake hunt on Main Street in Crossfork in Stewardson Township, Potter County. He was found to be in possession of and dealing in/selling prohibited offensive weapons, specifically: Switchblade knives, stun guns, and brass knuckles.

Gallagher was arrested and taken to District Court 55-4-01 for an arraignment in front of on-duty Magisterial District Judge Barbara Easton. Gallagher was released on $10,000. unsecured bail.


Anonymous said...

What weapons would not be offensive?

Anonymous said...

Polite ones?