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Friday, June 17, 2011

Potter County Commissioners Met OnThursday, June 16, 2011

Potter County Commissioners Meeting Agenda
for Thursday, June 16, 2011


Anonymous said...

Why is it that the GIS technician was hired with a starting pay of $35K per year, when the position was advertised for a starting pay of $30K with a $33K maximum?

Anonymous said...

Why send the Prothonotary to the Annual Conference when her name will not be on the Ballot in the Fall.


Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me how people post questions here instead of asking people who actually might have the answers to their questions.
I have no idea what the answers are to your questions, so why in the hell are youn asking me? I am just a reader of the blog.
I am going to go out on a limb and guess that the commissioners' have a phone number and you might be able get that information by calling that number of you really want that information.

Anonymous said...

Because they raise issues in the public domain that many people may not have thought about, thats why questions are raised here.

Where can John Q Public request meals, lodging and milage?

I'm not to bright, so can someone explain to me, if the county employees are getting their regular salary for the days they are attending these "training" events, why would their salary for that day not be applied and used for covering their travel/lodging expenses for that day?

Anonymous said...

I think the person who wrote that at 10:53 could use that same phone number and obtain the information that he or she is seeking. Also I think these meetings are open to the public, so there you go! You now know how to obtain the information.

Anonymous said...

Lets put the same logic in the case of Mr Prez. Why is he putting mandates, and rules that will take effect in 2013 after he loses he re-election bid.

Think we'd get an honest answer???

Anonymous said...

10:53 - The reason they don't take from an employee's salary to pay for conferences, meals, lodging and such is because the employee shouldn't have to pay out of their own pocket for things that the State requires them to attend. If an employee chooses to attend something not required by the State or county then yes they would need to pay, but for training and recertifications, or anything that is required to make them do their job better and allow them to imporve job performance, the county must pay.

Anonymous said...

Thats crap. If I have a real estate liscense required by the state to sell real estate I am required to take continuing education courses by the state.

It comes out of my pocket if I want to continue holding my real estate liscense.

And it is the same with anyone else who has to have a liscense from the state in order to do business that requires continuing education, lawyer etc...

If they want to continue holding their job, they should pay.
Does it never end?

Anonymous said...

sue your clients 8:43, make them pay for your training.

or just make sure your fees cover these trainings that you have to attend. that's how you run a business....

i miss common sense...

Anonymous said...

Dude it is no different than an employer paying for an employee to go away on business. These employees' go away for COUNTY BUSINESS, and If it is FOR the business, then the business should pay. You sound jealous. Sell girl scout cookies instead of houses, then you won't have to pay for training bro.

Anonymous said...

Some would benefit from someone explaining the difference between mandatory and discretionary to them.

A 500 hundred word essay on “What I learned on my Summer Trip” and how I will implement it in my department would go a long way to justifying these discretionary hob knobbing jaunts.

At least there would be a modicum of accountability.

Anonymous said...

I like that. Discretionary hob knobbing jaunts.
What did you do there 10:06, attend these training programs yourself?
You are so very well informed and wise. Please tell more.