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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Agriculture Secretary Warns High Temperatures Can Cause Heat Stress in Livestock, Pets

Agriculture Secretary Warns High Temperatures Can Cause Heat Stress in Livestock, Pets

Harrisburg – With a serious heat wave affecting much of the state and country, Agriculture Secretary George Greig today cautioned livestock and pet owners to take measures to protect animals from high temperatures that can cause them to suffer from heat-related stress.

“Owners must monitor their animals during these extreme temperatures, because livestock and pets can quickly become distressed,” said Greig. “If your animals exhibit unusual behaviors which could be related to heat stress, contact a veterinarian immediately.”

Greig recommends looking for signs of stress in livestock that are outside during the hottest part of the day. These signs include animals bunching together, heavy panting, slobbering, lack of coordination and trembling.

Greig said that heavier, fattened livestock, animals with darker coats and those with chronic health conditions are at the greatest risk of stress from the extreme heat.

Pet owners should not leave animals in vehicles. A car’s interior temperature can rise within minutes, creating suffocating temperatures that lead to animal health problems and possibly death. Likewise, if pets are left outside, make sure they have access to shade and plenty of fresh, clean, cool water.

It is important to have proper ventilation for animals kept indoors, and be sure to have backup power generation systems in place should an electrical outage occur.

Greig offered additional tips for helping pets and livestock animals including cows, horses, pigs, sheep and others deal with the heat:

· Provide shade – move them to shaded pens if possible.

· Provide water – as temperatures rise, animals need to consume more water. Spraying animals with water can also help them to cool down, using a sprinkler that provides large droplets.

· Avoid overworking livestock – it’s safest to work with cattle early in the morning when their body temperatures are low. In addition, routine livestock management procedures such as vaccination, hoof trimming and dehorning should be postponed until the weather cools.

· Avoid unnecessary transportation - if cattle must be moved, try to do so in the late evening or early morning hours.

· Take dogs for early morning or late-evening walks, when temperatures are cooler.

For more information, contact a local veterinarian.


Anonymous said...

Great advice...call a vet. When you live in the rural area we do they are so busy getting one to a farm is almost impossible..

Anonymous said...

It was 96 in Port again today and 102 on our back patio in direct sun. Please, if you have outside pets, move them under a shade tree or someplace where they are OUT of the sun. Yesterday I saw a poor puppy in Roulette, in a pen with only one of those igloo dog houses and the sun was beating down on him. He was panting and looked miserable. I wondered if he even had fresh cold water to drink. Take them to the river for a walk in the evening when it is cooler and cool them down too. They count on you for protection and can't even do it for themselves when they are tied or penned up like that. What is the point in even having a pet if you are going to keep it penned or tied all the time? They need love and attention too.

Anonymous said...

I agree 3:18 but not every one treats their pets w/TLC! they do not treat their children w/TLC, I could not believe seeing young women walking babies in strollers out in this heat going to the carnival, enjoyment for themselves. certainly not the babies, way too little to enjoy or even know what a carnival is all about!!!!