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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Outdoor Burning Advisory For Roulette Township


The Roulette Volunteer Fire Department and the Roulette Township Supervisors, have issued a burn advisory for the area until further notice.

In light of recent extremely dry conditions, following an abnormally wet spring that promoted much growth, there is a very high danger of wildfires. We ask that all outdoor burning activities be limited to very small, contained, and supervised fires. It would even be preferable if there were no outdoor fires at all. The smallest of embers, can easily travel in the wind and start a major wildfire which would not only tax our firefighting resources, but our water resources as well. The township water system is impacted by the drought, the river is low, and the streams are nearly non-existent. Any fire is a preventable drain on these resources.

Most clean burnable trash can, and should be, recycled at no cost through the township recycling program that is available to all Roulette Township residents and small businesses.


Karen Johnson said...

I am writing to clear up possible misconceptions. I want to be clear that the "wildfire" that was called in at Johnson's Gravel Pit was no such thing. It was, as worded by the Supervisor's, "a very small, contained and supervised fire," approved by the Roulette Fire Chief and surrounded by 20 acres of water as it was a small amount of wood on the island in the middle of the pond as to which no embers would ever reach any area to start a major fire, tax our firefighting resources, water supply or cause harm to any part of our community. My understanding of this advisory is that it was discussed a few days ago by the Township Secretary with the Fire Chief pending supervisor approval after someone was burning garbage in their backyard, so it was NOT a direct result of the small contained fire surrounded by 20 acres of water at Johnson's Gravel Pit as you could be inclined to think. Correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure that a burn ban has to be instilled by the County after consulting with all the Fire Chief's and taking into account a number of prior wildfires, etc. I do believe common sense would be all that is needed and at this time there is no permit needed for that.

Solomon's words for the wise said...

Actually Karen, I received the notice of the outdoor burning advisory at 8 am this morning, along with about 50 other email. I had nearly forgotten to put it on until the false alarm to the gravel pit reminded me. The timing had nothing to do with your fire except to remind me to put it on. There have been multiple wildfires throughout the entire area over the last week or so and conditions are drier than most Spring & Fall fire seasons. People should be very careful with outside fires as we are not used to worrying about wildfires this time of year. Sorry if my timing of posting the advisory caused a concern.

Karen said...

No problem Jim, just wanted to clarify what it was. I figured it was just a timing issue. Thanks!!

Jonathan Huff said...

To clarify further,I will add to Jim's post. This IS NOT a ban, it is merely an advisory and request. It never hurts to be cautious in an area that is so dry, even when there has not been a ban issued. There are currently no known bans in Potter County. This request is the result of a request by Ray Kulp, the chief of Station 46. I have submitted a request to the Potter County EMA office to consider placing a burn ban, but have not heard anything back yet.

Anonymous said...

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