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Saturday, July 30, 2011

State $ Cuts May Chop Potter, Cameron County Career Link Centers

State cuts could lead to less full-time CareerLink Centers

Courier Express

RIDGWAY - Big state funding cuts to workforce investment may lead to less full-service CareerLink Centers in the North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission region.

"Workforce took a pretty good hit this year," Susie Snelick, workforce investment director, said during Wednesday's North Central Executive Board meeting. The last two years workforce investment had gotten by with the help of stimulus money. This year that money is gone and there is $1 million less money to be spent in that area.

The Workforce Investment Board has focused on getting dollars on the street in the form of training.

The board works to put 25 to 30 percent of its dollars into training. It's not a mandate, but an internal goal.

Snelick said the board will use the money from the sale of the equipment from the former Industrial Technical Education Center, Rapid Response dollars and the National Emergency Grant to stay as close as possible to using 25 percent of its dollars for training.

There are seven CareerLink's in the six North Central counties, which includes Cameron, Elk, Clearfield, Jefferson, Potter and McKean counties. Clearfield County has a CareerLink in both DuBois and Clearfield.

To sustain the operation of the CareerLinks and still serve the population that is scattered throughout the large geographic region, the WIB is considering having just three comprehensive CareerLink centers. These three centers would have all of the CareerLink services available daily.

The locations of the centers haven't been determined for sure, but could possibly be in St. Marys, DuBois and Bradford so they could be accessible to people in different areas of the region. More...


Anonymous said...

they got too many working in there as it is... they could cut a few.. trim the fat I guess that's how thats said.

Anonymous said...

You are exactly right!! I though these programs were to help the unemployed find work? I have been out of a job for over a year and been dealing with CareerLink for a yr and still am jobless. I say get rid of some of the offices cause these people working there are only there for their paychecks and not worried about helping us get back to work!! I only wished I had a job like that!

Anonymous said...

All the stimulus money was wasted! Hiring higher ups and paper pushers with huge paychecks instead of regular working people!

Anonymous said...

These places have terrible outcomes for actually gettin people to work, and the amount spent to try and do it is outrageous. Close em all and save our tax dollars!!

Anonymous said...

They were completely unhelpful in my job searching while I was unemployed last year - everything I had to do through them seemed more about justifying their positions than it was about finding me a position. In fact, they made me come and take a class because they said I would have a hard time finding employment due to having a college degree - so I needed to take their extra special how to find a job class. Lucky for me I was able to find a job without any of their help or hassle.

I can honestly say that everyone I've talked to had a similar experience as I did - totally unhelpful, but good at making us do things to help them keep their jobs.

Time to close up those places and put that money to better use.

Anonymous said...

I went there a few years ago and spoke to a counselor. I was looking for advice and didn't receive anything constructive. He seemed more confused than I was when we were through. I never returned.

Anonymous said...

July 30, 2011 2:44:00 PM
A lot of the stimulus money went to beefing up our roads and bridges for the water trucks...most of the labor was hired and brought in from downstate.

Anonymous said...

Career link is a joke!! I was out of work for a while and had to deal with the three ring circus of career link!! Nobody could give you a answer, I felt like I was doing there job for them and half the time I was there other people were so busy trying to look busy that they had to take a break!!

Anonymous said...

It's an awful time for anyone to lose their job. If the workers there were not busy then it is their supervisor's responsibility to keep the employees on tract and to correct any complaints made. Obviously, this was not happening. Once I went there and felt like the person who spoke with me was reading a "canned" gig that is given to everyone, how talented I am, how it won't be a problem for me to find a job. Well, I did eventually find a job, on my own! Others have told me they got the same speech from her. It was so phony and insincere, and I felt she could have cared less!!!

Anonymous said...

Awful experience. I used to interview other people, teach how to write resumes, am college educated, etc and every time I had to apply through them for a job, I felt like I was forced to present less then by best. They would not take my resume that I copied onto quality paper/formating instead I had to use what they provided. There is valuable education offered to those less qualified/experienced individuals but that service can be and is offered through Potter County Education Council.

Anonymous said...

I had heard comments that the primary mission of many in the CareerLink offices is to protect their own careers and the bureaucratic status quo. There is a lot of federal and state money piped into those offices and some sweet job that often go to the politically connected. Nothing wrong with streamlining that system and giving it some accountability. Comments on here are confirming my impressions of how things are.