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Saturday, August 6, 2011

31 US Troops Die When Helicopter Shot Down

31 US Troops Slain In Rescue Mission

Nearly two dozen U.S. special forces killed early Saturday in Afghanistan were
on a mission to rescue another team of military personnel pinned down by
insurgents, a U.S. military official told CNN.



Anonymous said...

Such a shame to lose so many men... my prayers go out to their families. I know of some troops on active duty in Afgan, today, they look terrible..weight loss and a VERY hollow look. They tell their wives they don't know if each day they wake will be their last,tell their children to remember them. HEARTBREAKING!!! This is ground combat with taliban farmers , no tanks, no transportation,killing everyday,...I love this country but question why we are putting our guys in such harm just to clear their poppy fields and maryjane! I think if more people knew what was really going on over there they would be shocked! We have pulled troops out only to leave the other ones sitting ducks. Let's bring our loved ones home and protect our own borders!! Please do some HEAVY praying, I don't think people realize the danger these guys are truly in. I only recently learned this myself...what are we doing? Our children are dying senseless deaths. Sign me, truly devastated.

Anonymous said...

End the endless wars.

Bring them home.

These boys and girls do not fight to defend our freedoms, they fight because we ask. Never forget that.

With honor and integrity, whenever we ask they go. They risk life and limb because we ask. That is their duty.

Our duty is to remember every day what it is we ask them to do. Our duty is to bear the responsibility. These men died because we ask it. Never forget that.

Haven't we asked enough?

We reward them with our pride and respect, shower them with thoughts and prayers

but we can do one better, we can bring them home.

God be with their family and friends.

Anonymous said...

Just heard most the men on this chopper were the members of seal team 6 (those who got bin laden).

This fires of this war feeds on too many heroes.

Anonymous said...

Something smells with the killing of those service men. They just happen to be the ones that killed bin laden...
Rest in peace boys you know your job was one of the toughest...

Anonymous said...

So very sad, these guys have sacrficed their lives for us & they need to be honored & commended!!!! You are so right 9:43 it is fishy! Who can they trust any more? Who really protects them? We need to pray for our military men & women every day for the hand of God to be on them! my prayers are extended to these families!

Anonymous said...

This is a very sad situation. My husband is over in Afghanistan right now. This accident wasn't too far from his base. My heart just broke for those families of these men. I can't even begin to think what those wives are going through. Serving our country is a very big job and a difficult one at that.

WE all need to keep praying for our military.
I agree with the other person who wrote "lets bring them all home" and protect our country and boarders!!
My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those just killed over there.
God be with them...give them the strength to go another day.

Anonymous said...

U.S.A. millitary needs to pull the troops out of there, then drop the biggest, badest bomb on them over there, just like the end of WW2, that put a end to that war!!!

Anonymous said...

WE need to do the responsible thing and bring our guys and gals home...our troops are so dedicated they will do whatever is asked of them. I think we need to ask why are we there? Why did we not get involved in Somalia where children are starving and being taken as child soldiers,only partially in Libyia, not Egypt....only where we obviosly have a vested interest. What happened to the America I knew? Pleasssse pray to get the troops home! They are in REAL danger in Afghanistan!! I don't think the public realizes how much danger they are in. Help save their LIVES! Enough is enough

Anonymous said...


"The majority of the Navy SEALs who died belonged to the same covert unit that conducted the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in May, though they were not the same men, the military official said."

Anonymous said...

Do you realize these guys can't even get socks,they want baby wipes to clean with and no no way way to wash clothes. JUst Sick. Can we have another article on this subject, telling facts from military families. My niece just sent her husband back for what he thinks is certian death. He told her he has to go to do whatever he can to TRY and bring his guys home alive. Oh, they also cut their overseas pay! PRAY

Anonymous said...

If you all had a clue about the men in Special Ops...they do their job because they love what they do. These guys are family in a greater sense that few can and ever will understand..As everyone sets back to scream bring them home, ridiculous, that will never happen and they would not want to come home til their part is done.

So give them the respect they deserve, quit second guessing what they were doing and why.

Anonymous said...

Bin Laden died in 2001
and neighbors said it wasn't him that was killed recently
and how coincidental that the team that might spill the truth got snuffed.
Like when Pat Tillman died from friendly fire. No tales of US troops guarding drugs from him now.

Anonymous said...

Post 8:07, well said !!!!!