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Friday, September 23, 2011

Coudy Falcons over Brockway Rovers

Coudy Falcons over Brockway Rovers
Tom Vervoort (40) plows ahead against the Falcons

Mitch Freeman (34) breaks away for a touchdown

Click on any photo to enlarge
Caden Whitman (27) runs into a pack of Rovers.

Kyle Titler (12) attempts a catch against Garrett Russell (21)

Ryan Counts (53) stripped the ball away from Tom Vervoort (40).
Coudersport recovered the fumble..


Anonymous said...

Great game, Falcons! But what's with the Port A. guys sitting in the Coudy section, cheering for Brockway? GROW UP!! How immature.

Anonymous said...

It goes to show the difference in two teams, Port and Coudy, but more in the coaching styles. Coudy has always been a classy organization, starting with Simcoe (I'm sure there were others, but in my era it started with Paul) putting the needs and the development of all the young men on the team first and foremost. Porrt just isn't like that. The last 25-30 years at Port have been win/win/win and no success without winning, so there's been no success at Port. They've had good, some very good, athletic teams and individuals, but the team part has been and is currently missing.
It's a shame, because in the end the kids are kids and want to have fun. Even if the team finishes 0-9, if the kids say "I had fun" at the end, it's a good thing. To go 3-6 or even 6-5 but to have it stink because the coach has an agenda to make 1 kid stand out? To design the entire team around 1 kid and try to justify it to everyone by saying "Well, he has the most talent."
Like I said, just a shame!!!
I always remember the best coaches were the ones hardest on their own kids (Simcoe, Defillippi, even Stayer)

Anonymous said...

Writer 10:30, you took the words right out of my mouth.
Funny how Port Allegany can copy certain things from Coudersport, like the cheerleaders and fans hanging dildine banners and chanting dildine AFTER Coudy started it, but when it comes to the more lasting things like using sports to build teamwork, sportsmanship and one for all, there's not so much copying, is there? I'm not saying the dildine stuff isn't funny and good for morale but I do agree with the points of the writer above.

Anonymous said...

When their cheerleaders started that dildine stuff I said to Mr. Stavinsky their athletic director that they should come up with their own chant. He said he would tell the cheerleader's adviser. And then when we took our dildine banner to the game at Port they made us take it down and said it was the PIIA that made them do it which I think is bull.

Anonymous said...

Hold on there Coudy.
Do you remember when the St. Louis Cardinals were in the World Series and Josh Kinney was on national TV?
I still have the broadcast on tape from Fox TV and that banner says, "Port Allegany PA loves the dildine and JOSH KINNEY". That is where the Coudersport fans got it, they it from Port Allegany so stop saying you started it, Coudy. I have the evidence!

Anonymous said...

I don't think rankin knows what hes talkin about, it started in AUSTIN!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Port A is too busy building a certain player up so he gets scholarship offers & can break school NO it isn't about the team - you have that SO right Coudy! Some of the kids (particularly seniors) have realized for years it is all about that & decided why should I work my butt off in practice & then get hardly a chance to prove myself during a game. Also, if you aren't one of this particular player's good buddies in the junior class -- you probably will get little play time.

Anonymous said...

Rankin, if you still have that World Series banner or know where to get it, please get hold of Jamie, Josh or Kerry and we can get it posted on the wall at the Two Mile. I remember seeing that o Fox TV during the World Series and I about had a coronary laughing so hard!