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Saturday, October 15, 2011

PA House Of Reps. Working Schedule For Next Week

Abortion Facilities and Harrisburg on House Voting Schedule Next week

Gaming Reforms and Reducing the Size of the Legislature on House Committee Agendas Next Week

The state House returns to session on Monday, Oct. 17, to debate and vote on various issues of importance. Various House committees will meet to discuss and vote on legislation.

Crafted in response to a grand jury presentment regarding atrocities alleged to have taken place at the Women’s Medical Society in West Philadelphia, where the clinic head, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, faces eight counts of murder including seven newborns and one woman, Senate Bill 732 defines what an abortion facility is and holds such facilities to the same high standards as other health care facilities to ensure that patients who use these clinics are treated by trained personnel in a safe and sanitary manner. The bill also holds abortion clinics to the same fire and safety standards, personnel and equipment requirements, and quality assurance procedures as other freestanding ambulatory surgical centers if they provide surgical abortions. Further, this measure will provide the Department of Health with a range of remedies for those facilities that are not in compliance with the regulations.

The House is expected to take up, if amended and passed by the Senate, Senate Bill 1151 dealing with municipal financial recoveries. The legislation would allow the governor to declare a state of fiscal emergency in a city, and direct the secretary of the Department of Community and Economic Development to develop an emergency action plan to provide for vital and necessary services, including police and emergency services, water and sewer services, trash pickup and other services. Furthermore, the legislation gives the governor the ability to petition Commonwealth Court to appoint a receiver for the city in the event city council fails within a month of the declaration to adopt a plan to bring the city on the path to recovery. Once appointed, the receiver would have the ability to create a final long-term recovery plan for the city and would have the ability to implement the plan as needed.

In committee action on Monday, the House Gaming Oversight Committee will vote on a series of bills aimed at more openness and transparency. On Tuesday, the House State Government Committee will be voting on a number of bills aimed at reducing the size of the General Assembly, including House Bill 153, sponsored by Speaker of the House, Rep. Sam Smith (R-Jefferson County).

The Weekly Schedule
Bill numbers will be used to identify the legislation being considered either in committee or on the House floor. The bills, sponsors and summaries are posted HERE.


Anonymous said...

All you (obama care)people should look at what YOUR tax dollars are being spent on! I for one DO NOT want my tax dollars to fund abortions!

Anonymous said...

Obamcare WILL BE NO MORE in 2012 when the Republicans take back DC.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, our tax dollars are already being used to fund abortion. Planned Parenthood is give money all the time by the federal government. People that believe Planned Parenthood is for the health of women need to wake up and look at facts. It is a baby killing business.
We should all stop paying our taxes until the government starts spending it the correct way and actually represent the people!!!